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A Prayer for Papa

Quina Aragon

As the temple was a copy

and shadow of the heavenly sanctuary,

and we see now in a mirror dimly

what will in Heaven be fully known,

so my prayer for you, Papa,

is that in your newfound ministry

the Father’s heart for you will beat

all the more clearly,

your heart an echo of His own.


When you see your firstborn’s  face

and in your heart exclaim,

“This is the most beautiful thing

I’ve ever made!”

may you be taken back to the sixth day

when God breathed life and delighted

in they who bore His image

and represented His name.


When you hear her first say

with eyes locked on your face, “Papa!”

May you remember that day

you were first changed, adopted

crying out that first time, “Abba, Father!”

When you cheer her on as

she takes her first steps

right into your arms,

may you be overcome with gladness that

the Father is pleased with the faith

you place in Him, in fact

He’s rejoicing every time you return,

delighted with each believing step.


When you think of all the ways

you want to express

your love for her

in small ways and big,

may you consider the Father’s

heart to give

good gifts to His children,

goodwill is yours in Him.


And when she tests your limits

and rebels in her sin,

may you be empowered

to lovingly discipline and to forgive

again and again,

being so fully convinced

the Father knows your own weak frame,

and yet shows compassion

His grace abounding every time

much more than your sin.


A father’s heart is a shadow

but the substance is God.

Your commitment just a drop

from His ocean of love.


My prayer for you is

to swim in that sea,

exploring its depths

as you cherish our seed.

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  1. Art Denney

    Thank you for reminding us as fathers or our responsibility, but more importantly, reminding us of our opportunity.

    I read once, that the problem with becoming a parent is for the rest of your life, your heart will walk around outside your body.

    Mercy, Grace, Peace, and Blessings.

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