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Adam’s Sin Endures in Ferguson

Jemar Tisby

What is happening in Ferguson is the age-old re-enactment of Adam’s original sin. Dr. Jarvis Williams of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary reminds us that even in the midst of all the situational particularities of Mike Brown’s death and the racial tension that endures in the U.S., the real problem is a spiritual one.

Dr. Williams says:

The problem in Ferguson, Mo., is not merely an African American problem, nor is it uniquely an American problem. Fundamentally it is a spiritual problem; that is, a sin problem. Adam’s transgression has created death within every human heart, and every human heart (regardless of race) rebels against God and against his fellow man (Genesis 3:8-9; Romans 3:9-18).

So what is the only comprehensive solution to racism and the unrest we’re seeing in Ferguson? All genuine Christians know the answer because they have experienced this power themselves. Dr. Williams puts it well in his post:

Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can cleanse the heart of racism; only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can create love where there is hate; and only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can once and for all end the transgression that continues to show its ugly face in violence facing African Americans in Ferguson and elsewhere.

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