Author: Cedric Lundy

Cedric Lundy is a StreetLeader Director with UrbanPromise Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina.
A Co-host of Token Confessions podcast he also has a small side hustle of roasting coffee, Cow Hollow Coffee.
A native of Ann Arbor MI, Cedric moved to Charlotte to pursue a career in pastoral ministry after getting his degree in Youth And Family Ministry from Spring Arbor University. Currently part of the Preaching Team at Watershed Charlotte he frequently picks up other preaching opportunities.
Married to Emma, a teacher, they have one daughter Isla. Cedric is a huge sports fan, has a ridiculous large home movie collection, collects Lego Star Wars sets, and has actually been told he’s been able to change some folks mind on Facebook.
History Justice

White Supremacy & Sexual Violence

Cedric Lundy

History records (read: lies) that Emmet Till catcalled Carolyn Bryant one fateful summer day in 1955. That damning lie affirmed one of the oldest racist ideas ever formulated and justified fourteen-year-old Till’s murder. The lie was grounds for Bryant’s husband and brother-in-law’s acquittal by the “justice” system. The lie was accepted as fact for decades.  […]

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