Author: Ernest Cleo Grant II

Ernest Cleo Grant, II (@iamernestgrant) is the Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church of Camden, a graduate of Reformed Seminary (D.C.), and is currently completing his Doctorate of Education from Stockton University. He and his wife Sarah have been married for almost a decade and have two children, Amaela and Chancellor. He's an avid reader, a community advocate, and has bylines in The Witness, Christianity Today, The Star-Ledger, Desiring God, and other publications.
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Policing, Protesting, and Patriotism: Navigating Kaepernick, Crutcher, and Charlotte

Ernest Cleo Grant II

While his play on the field has suffered considerably over the past two seasons, causing him to lose his starting position, Colin Kaepernick, the once revered quarterback, famous for his flamboyant touchdown celebrations, has managed to remain a fixture in the media spotlight. During the pre-game ceremony of the singing the national anthem, the quarterback […]

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