Author: faith n vazquez

faith n vazquez is a writer who loves to type in lowercase and an artist who believes in the healing power of truth and accurate representation. She is a Hialeah, Florida native, mom to a fluffy Shih Tzu mix named Penny and shocked her churrasco-loving Cuban family 4 years ago by going vegan! faith is currently working on a few documentaries, soon to be released, that explore various degrees of racism and how the history and lives of people of color are affected by racist politics and social norms. She runs her own film blog where she dissects films through a film theory lens in a way that is easily understood and she lives to express herself fully and in so doing, inspiring others to express their full selves. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies from Florida State University, she decided she wanted to use art as a medium for truth telling in a way that invites marginalized people to the table that has tried to starve them for generations. Above all else, faith is driven by overlooked stories and perspectives that bring light to the honest intersectionality of life, between race, gender, love and all things human.