Author: Kristina Button

I’m a Black Christian Woman. Wife and Mom to 5 children and Home Educator are my full-time jobs.  The response of white Christians to the murder of Trayvon Martin activated me to raise my voice for the people in the back who refused to love our neighbor. Trayvon was our neighbor. God laid it on my heart to plant seeds, and God would do the producing. I have also felt that as a Black Christian Woman, my voice has been silenced. I am excited for the continued and growth-filled opportunity to use my voice. I’m humbled and honored to be a Production Assistant/ Co-Host for the podcast Footnotes with Jemar Tisby.  You can also catch me over on the Pass the mic Facebook groups as an Administrator. 
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No, Bridgerton does NOT need to address racism

Kristina Button

Note: This article contains descriptions of Bridgerton that some readers might consider to be minor spoilers and links to articles that contain spoilers.Can Black folks get a moment of peace? Can we exist without always having to address our collective trauma?  Since the start of the pandemic, I have found myself implementing every imaginable method […]

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