Biblical Interpretation Part 3: The Bible IS the Word of God!

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  1. George Canady says:

    Louis Markos at Alliance of Confessing evangelicals wants home school teachers to give Flannery O’Connor a pass on the “n” word.

    “…In sharp contrast, O’Connor’s faith in the Incarnate and Risen Christ who died for our sins is as evident in her novels and stories as it is in her letters and essays. Why then do many Christian schools shy away from her? Part of it is her use of the “n” word, but that is not the whole story, since that forbidden word crops up in other authors.”

    I once challenge The Elder body at Founders Baptist Church in Spring Texas to tell me the difference between the “n” and the “mf” word. In unison they told me that one was vulgar.

    As I read scripture and “discover the author’s intent”, I find that these words are both unwholesome therefore both words are used in a foolish way and have no place in the church much less in the mouth of elders and certainly not in the books we teach our children.

    I confronted these elders at Founders in their folly so they would not “seem wise in their own eyes”. It did not end well.

    Do we really see the “n” word for the vulgarity that it is or did I miss “the author’s intent” ?

  2. george canady says:

    “But the reader can discover the author’s intent.”

    Can we imagine that some “reader” had discovered the “author’s intent” but that almost the whole of white protestant Christianity had a “biases” for 400 years that causes the Bible to be twisted and preached even to this day into an intentional imposed suffering for certain groups of Christian’s brothers and sisters.

    Can we imagine what would happen to this “reader” if he decided to stand for this discovery of “the author’s intent” among his white brothers and sisters as they continued to “suppress the truth” = “the author’s intent”.

    Suppose that God had been patient with this evil behavior of the white protestant church toward those who had “discover the author’s intent” over those 400 years and his patient had finally run it’s course and now he was in the process of disciplining his church because they continue to ” Suppress the truth”. Might that look like what we have had in the last several decades?

    Image with me that we are being more disciplined that persecuted.

    Imagine with me that we suppress Romans Chapter one when it says we have “no excuse” in that we knew even before we were save that God made (not just white) man in his image.

    Suppose that not even Johnathan Edwards can stand before God and say “I didn’t know”. Could we imagine that God told him (you have no excuse for buying, selling or owning someone made in my image, I showed you in creation before I told you in my word.)

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