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Bizzle Responds to Macklemore’s “Same Love” and the “New Black”

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  1. Anita Drum says:

    If you hold to the Bible as the literal Word of God then it becomes clear when looking at the book of Genesis and the creation of man, woman and their union that He gave the plan as to how He wants His children to live.

  2. tobi says:

    you just proved him right with your comment lol

  3. tobi says:

    Rev.Gerald Palmer you completely missed the whole point of the song

  4. Rev. Gerald Palmer says:

    “The gay thing”? Sounds so heartless. He dehumanized a whole group of people in those three words.

    In a verse he stated that he is married but if he give into his (I guess he means sexual orientation) he is a cheater but if a gay person gives into his (sexual orientation) he tries to change laws.

    So let us examine this. Sexual orientation is the sexual, romantic and emotional attraction to the same, opposite and/or both sexes.

    Heterosexuals can react to their romantic,sexual and emotional attraction and marry where as gays and lesbians cannot legal marry and therefore be entitled the benefits of a legal marriage even though they are operating under a legal marriage.

    I couldn’t stomach any more of this gay bashing and homophobic rant disguised as “The Gospel” or “Christian love”.

    This song is drenched in anti-gay sentiment and a fundamental literal view of scripture with very little scriptural context.

    1. tobi says:

      you completely missed the plot of the song you just proved him right with your assay long comment lol

  5. Lovelyleblanc7 says:

    This is very deep! Excellent job!

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