Black Motherhood in the Age of Trump

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  1. bwsmith says:

    Dear Ally Henny,
    You asked: How has our current cultural climate shaped or altered your parenting?
    And you sparked some questions in my mind:How do we create identities that are anchored in Christ, secure in the freedom grace gave and mercy paid for, in a culture tethered to racism and me-ism?

    I am glad/sorrowful that because of politicians Christians must think about what we believe, and why — and ask God to set guard over our mouths lest we sound like a clanging bell also!

    It has altered mine — and I not in the business anymore! But, as I am a grandmother, and older woman, I urge folks to

    1. CHILDREN — think about how their/our words and deeds sound and look to those who are lost, and need the Lord. Are they “appealing” or off putting?

    2. When we see some who is “different” do we see a soul for whom the Lord died; do we see them as “the same kinda different” as we are? Folks for whom the Lord has a purpose and a future?

    3. Isaiah is right — HE, the Lord, made us –sustained and WILL carry us, from conception through our old age. And it is a scary time for each and every person who walks away from God and according to our own wisdom.

    May God bless you with courage,compassion and energy to raise the gifts He’s give you!

    Love, in Christ,


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