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Title: Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole

Author: Eric Mason

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group (2013)

Pages: 202 pp.

Price: $10.98

There is an ever pressing need among confessing evangelicals to continuously articulate and define “Manhood” as it is presented in scripture. Such a need has become increasingly evident as attempts are being made from both outside and inside the church to redefine sexuality and blur key distinctions between men and women. Realizing this need, Pastor Eric Mason in his book Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole sets out to provide a fresh urban prospective on the issue of Manhood.


This Christocentric, Gospel centered, Bible saturated work encourages men to realize the nature of their Manhood and passionately pursue their calling to be godly men who honor Christ, love their families, and serve their churches. Mason pulls no punches in calling men out and challenging them to embrace their restored Manhood while yielding to the gospel imperative of leading their generation in the way of Christ. Such a task, according to Mason, leads men to have the immense pleasure and responsibility of involving themselves in His (Christ) work.

Manhood: Life, Death, Restoration (Chapter 1-3)

Pastor Mason places the seat of Manhood not in external features (though he is sensitive to the external components), but in our nature as image bearers of God. He supports this view by teasing out several aspects of our image bearing status: we are representatives of God, we are in a relationship with God, and we have responsibilities given to us by God. Mason sees the corruption of our Manhood occurring at the fall. Over time, this corruption has led to an epidemic of fatherless homes which in turn has led to increasing social problems used to fill such a void. Only through the restorative work of Christ, Mason continues, can we ever hope to reclaim our fallen Manhood and set us down a path of restoring our society.

What does “restored” Manhood look like? (Chapter 4-8)

After laying the foundation of Manhood from its initiation, death, and restoration in Christ, Pastor Mason outlines what restored Manhood looks like in various aspects of life. He wisely starts by showing that when a man is renewed in Christ he has a new worldview which is dominated by new values, new emotions, and a new will. With a new Christ centered worldview, key aspects of a man’s life can then be viewed aright: Sexuality, Vision (Relationship with God that enables you to set a course for life), Family, and Church. The book ends with a clarion call to all men challenging them to gird their loins, lay hold of their manhood, and follow Christ.


While Mason does indicate that there is a distinction between men and women with respect to image bearing, his comments are far too brief. The reader would have been helped greatly if he had fleshed out those differences a bit more. In addition, at certain points, Mason’s desire to emphasize the urgent need of men to be “real” men detracted from his otherwise excellent content.

Apart from this minor critique, the book is written from a decidedly pastoral point of view. It is rich with theological and anecdotal support that drives home the great need for men everywhere to reexamine their role as leaders in society. Perhaps the true gem in this book is Mason’s chapter on “Restored Family” (chapter 7). This chapter is worth the entire price of the book. Mason thoroughly outlines every facet of family life and demonstrates how each one of these aspects can be enriched by having a restored Manhood in Christ. It is evident that Pastor Mason lives what he writes in this book because it reads like an autobiography and preaches like a sermon.

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