Jemar and Tyler talk about the death of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. On their hiatus, the world watched her funeral and came away with mixed reactions. A few weeks later, our community was rocked by the unjust killing of Botham Shem Jean. How should we deal with all this death? Listen as we give a theology on death, injustice, and lament.

Tyler Burns: When you come to a black funeral, what you’re seeing is a range of emotions. You’re seeing the ability to lament, to grieve, to have sorrow. But also, you’re seeing the ability of celebration… and hope in the midst of darkness.

Jemar Tisby: [Botham Jean] did everything America says a young black man should do. He was an accountant. An active member of his church. He led worship. I still don’t know what to say.

Tyler Burns: We are too easily consoled when we see unjust death.

Tyler Burns: Sometimes, you need to refuse consolation because there is a witness in that. That witness is that God isn’t just God in the consummation of all things; He is the God of now too.

Media: Criminalizing the Victim, Acquitting the Killer by Michael McGee

A Death That Leads to Life by Ekemini Uwan

Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

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