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The Bad Optics of White Male Domination in the US Senate

Jarvis Williams

Another controversy has erupted in the US government regarding gender, race, and white male domination. Senator Elizabeth Warren (a white woman from Massachusetts) was silenced by Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (a white man from Kentucky) in the US Senate for reading a letter from a black civil rights icon Coretta Scott King, opposing Jeff […]

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“Show up. Dive in. Stay at it.”–Reflections on President Obama’s Farewell Speech

Jemar Tisby

NOTE: The following is not an endorsement of all of President Obama’s policies nor an endorsement of the Democratic party. The intention is to reflect on the content of a single speech as it impacted a single writer. On January 10, 2017, President Obama delivered his formal farewell speech to end his eight year term. The […]

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Jesus and Your Political Party

Duke Kwon

Jesus didn’t (and doesn’t) fit neatly into any political party. His kingdom is “not of this world.” Therefore, we should expect the values and priorities of that “alien kingdom” both to transect and to transcend the political categories of the world. Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. OK. But, practically speaking, what does […]

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Whatever Happened to Civility?

Duke Kwon

Incivility in American politics is hardly new. Politicians and ordinary citizens alike have long bemoaned “the divisive tone of politics.” But this year’s presidential race seems to have broken new ground. We’ve beheld an embarrassing litany of personal invective, verbal aggression, puerile put-downs, and playground insults. We’re now at the point where the presidential debates […]

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Trump’s Challenge to Evangelical Values and Racism

Marquez Ball

It has been said that 11:00am on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America, meaning black and white Christians are still very divided. I’ve often struggled with the racial divide amongst Christians, especially when we believe in the same God. Very few African American Christians would consider themselves to be evangelical, because for many […]

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