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Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness

Jemar Tisby

Southern Baptist leaders have chosen to prop up whiteness.
It is ironic that in their statement, these Southern Baptist seminary presidents claim they are “standing against the tide of theological compromise.”

There is no form of theological compromise that is more American than vigorously opposing those who advocate for racial justice while remaining silent about the racism and whiteness running rampant in the church.

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Are We Really Making Progress?

The Witness

Recently, the Barna Research Group released a study about “How the summer of 2020 changed perceptions of racial justice-and what it means for Christian leaders.” The discovery revealed what many Black Christians already knew: In the area of racial justice, “progress” is elusive. Jemar and Tyler are back this week to talk about their frustrations […]

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White People Want Something From Black People They’ve Never Given to Us: Mercy

Cameron Friend

The issue of ending racism is much more complex than simply hugging a police officer or “hugging the hate away.” The issue is not a ‘lack of love’ from this Black person to a police officer. The issue is a lack of justice. How can I hug someone (ultimately an institution) who is withholding justice […]

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History as Activism – Jemar Tisby at Theology on Tap Chattanooga

The Witness

Confederate monuments, kneeling during the national anthem, the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter—We live in an age of protest and reform. Today’s activists must pursue a deep knowledge of this nation’s history, especially as it relates to race and justice, in order to change the present and the future for the better. Listen as Jemar […]

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