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No, Bridgerton does NOT need to address racism

Kristina Button

Note: This article contains descriptions of Bridgerton that some readers might consider to be minor spoilers and links to articles that contain spoilers.Can Black folks get a moment of peace? Can we exist without always having to address our collective trauma?  Since the start of the pandemic, I have found myself implementing every imaginable method […]

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Yet I Still Hope: A Lenten Reflection

Ally Henny

Our nation has been in an extended period of mourning. Even in times of celebration and triumph, we are not far from the losses that our communities have undertaken. Lent is usually about voluntary self-denial, but the past year has denied us and deprived us without our consent. It almost seems superfluous to observe Lent when we are still wearing the ashes of mourning from last year. Yet I still hope…

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