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The Orphans of Broken Justice

Branden Henry

30-year-old Charleena Lyles had 3 children (ages 11, 4, and 1), and was pregnant with her fourth, who watched and listened as their mother was gunned down. They heard the pleading, promises, screams and gun blasts echo throughout their apartment. Dae’ Anne, the 4-year-old daughter of Diamond Reynolds, was in the backseat of Philando Castille’s […]

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Revisiting the Theology of the Negro Spiritual

Dante Stewart

June is African-American Music Appreciation Month. We pay tribute to the legacy and contributions African-Americans have made over the centuries. As I reflected on this history, I was taken back to arguably the most influential musical genre in the African-American narrative: The Negro Spiritual. Touching on the meaning of the Negro Spiritual, Howard Thurman, an […]

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Pass The Mic: SBC, Alt-Right, and Condemning White Supremacy

Beau York

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Tyler and Jemar are joined with SBC Pastor Earon James to discuss the controversy that surrounded the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2017 annual meeting. Jemar It feels like theological policing. That an African American pastor in good standing authored this resolution, it was deemed-the wording was deemed-too inflammatory, confrontational, […]

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Hate-Filled Perceptions Of African-Americans

Rayshawn Graves

LeBron James’ Los Angeles home was vandalized when an unidentified person spray-painted the word “Nigger” on the front gate. This discouraging event took me back almost three years ago to the sight of my own vandalized home. Much like James’ incident, an unidentified person, in the darkness of a cold December night, spray-painted the homes […]

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Questions for Potential White Transracial Adoptive Parents

Elizabeth Behrens

“How do I find other Black kids for them to play with?” I was asked this question by a White adoptive mom of two Black preschool-aged daughters. After I recovered from the shock of the question, I responded she needed to start by meeting Black families in her neighborhood, children’s preschool, and church. If those […]

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Why Racism Might Defeat American Evangelicalism: Part 2

Jarvis Williams

In a recent post, I introduced a series titled “Why Racism Might Defeat American Evangelicalism.” I mentioned the classic 2001 study of Emerson and Smith (Divided by Faith) in which they identified the American evangelical movement as a predominate white racialized movement, based on their multiple telephone surveys and face-to-face interviews with those who identified […]

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Book Review: Christianity, Social Justice, & Japanese American Incarceration During World War 2

Moses Y. Lee

Anne Blankenship, assistant professor of religious studies at North Dakota State University, tells the story of how Japanese American Christians wrestled with their faith, theodicy, and betrayal when they were forced into internment camps during World War II and abandoned by their White Christian neighbors. This is a story of suffering and uncertainty with significant ramifications […]

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Why Racism Might Defeat American Evangelicalism: Part 1

Jarvis Williams

Divided By Faith (2001), the famous book written by Emerson and Smith, carefully documented how white Christians and black Christians generally have different perspectives of race and racism in America.[1] This classic book on race and religion also shows how the evangelical movement in America is a racialized movement that cannot be separated from white […]

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