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Why I Left the Black Church 18 Years Ago & Why Returning Was Imperative

Monica Horton

Two years ago, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo declared 2019 the “Year of Return.” Akufo-Addo welcomed African-Diasporans back to the motherland for self-discovery and renewal while being presented with economic opportunities to invest in Ghana, including options for dual citizenship. The Ghanaian president’s “Year of Return” coincided with the 400th anniversary of when the Transatlantic Slave […]

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What Did God Really Say? Reflections on Candice Benbow & Dr. Howard John Wesley — Part 3

Rasool Berry

Read Part 1 and Part 2 here! Paul vs Jesus? Another case Benbow makes is that the Apostle Paul should be canceled because he approved the killing of Christians. She argues that his words are in contradiction with Jesus and should be valued less since Paul was once a “murderer of Christians.” She suggests Paul, […]

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What Did God Really Say? Reflections on Candice Benbow & Dr. Howard John Wesley — Part 2

Rasool Berry

Read Part 1 here!   Experience vs. Exegesis Both Candice Benbow and Dr. Howard John Wesley express value for the Bible, but challenge the idea of its reliability and therefore its authority. Benbow argues that experience should be prioritized over the Bible. Wesley also places experience as criteria that can be placed above the Scripture […]

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Black Christian Love for Asian American Image-Bearers

Jarvis Williams

The global Coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best of many image-bearers. Nations are sharing advice, best practices, and resources with each other. Healthcare professionals daily risk their lives on the frontlines as they work around the clock to protect public health. Multiple leaders in government are working hard to inform their residents and citizens […]

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What Did God Really Say? Reflections on Candice Benbow & Dr. Howard John Wesley — Part 1

Rasool Berry

My first impression of Christianity was that the God it spoke of said “white is right” and “black is bad.” Before I was born, my parents had left their Catholic and Baptist traditions to follow Minister Elijah Muhammad who started the Nation of Islam (hence the origin of my Arabic name). I understood early on […]

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White People Want Something From Black People They’ve Never Given to Us: Mercy

Cameron Friend

The issue of ending racism is much more complex than simply hugging a police officer or “hugging the hate away.” The issue is not a ‘lack of love’ from this Black person to a police officer. The issue is a lack of justice. How can I hug someone (ultimately an institution) who is withholding justice […]

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Ahmaud Arbery
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Ahmaud Arbery, the Killing of Whiteness, & the Preservation of Black Lives in America

Celucien L. Joseph

There’s something terribly wrong with this country’s justice system if we have to celebrate the arrest of those who have committed horrific acts of evil or violence against Black and African people. That was the national response yesterday (May 7, 2020) when Glynn County Police Officers arrested the two white supremacists who slaughtered jogger Ahmaud […]

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Black History Recommendations

Dominique Gilliard

Here’s a list of Black History recommendations that will take more than a month to engage. There are resources listed for adults, high schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary school students. There is also a Black History soundtrack that lyrically roots this learning in lament, resilience, resistance, pride, and celebration because our history (and present) is a […]

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