How Should You Celebrate the Fourth of July? Make Juneteenth a National Holiday.

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  1. Evan says:

    I like the idea of a national holiday celebrating emancipation. However, I think the likelihood of Juneteenth being that holiday is harmed by two factors that, though perhaps small, still function as impediments. 1. Juneteenth is not a particularly good name. It sounds made up. When you look at the national holidays that have real cultural significance they have robust or important sounding names (Independence Day, Memorial Day) or are named for individuals (Columbus, MLKj). “Juneteenth” is a made up word without the gravitas or recognition necessary to catch on. Perhaps Emancipation Day would be more effective. 2. The celebration of the emancipation of slaves from a single state (Texas) is less likely to garner nation-wide support than a day marking the emancipation of the whole. Thus the ratification of the 14th Amendment (July 28th) would be a better date for the national recognition of a national change.

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