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Chapter 11 & 12: “Good Expectations” and “The Forever Good Life”

Trillia Newbell

Today we combine two chapters, “Good Expectations” and “The Forever Good Life”, for our final post in the book discussion.  I will not do chapter synopsis, instead I’d like us to think through this discussion with questions for each of us to consider as we pursue the good life.

Chapter 11:

Have you had a pastor share that God will give you everything you want? Lee says there’s nothing that “infuriates” him more than preachers “lying” about God.  “Faith,” he says, “isn’t believing God will give you everything you want. Faith is believing that God will do as He promised.”  Do you believe you can never be condemned? Have you ever studied Romans 8? Do you believe God is for you, even in the hard times? What lies have you held on to and believed over the truth in God’s word?

Chapter 12:

Here’s the best news you’ll hear all day: The good life you desire is attainable only through Christ and the good life that we simply could never imagine will be lived out by us for all eternity in Heaven. All of the struggle, tensions, and sin we’ve discussed in the previous chapter will be gone. We will know. We will, at last, honor and God perfectly. When you think of Heaven what comes to mind? We don’t enjoy talking about and facing the reality of Hell. Do you believe that there is a Hell? Do you believe that the only way to this eternal “good life” is through Jesus?

Now that you know and understand what the good life is, what are you going to do about it? How can you take this information to others? Have you ever shared the gospel? Make sure to read Trip Lee’s appendix to gain insight into why you should share with others.

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