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The Charlottesville Declaration: An Appeal to the Church in America

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  1. Cara Meredith, writer, speaker & advocate. Seattle, Washington

  2. Ken Samuels says:

    If this nation and especially the church would go back to when the days of “the old time religion is good enough for me, ” there would be no racism among the black or white church.Those that are unbelievers can not change without being changed. And they will never be changed until the church is. The church will never call the nation or sinners to repentance until it first does. II Chor 7:14 that has been quoted so much in every church since 2001 has been only in word never in deed. When and if that ever does happen there will no longer be any racism in the black or white church because racism is rampant among both as of late. Racism is indeed color blind. It will use whosoever will. It was said by by Brother William Seymour who was a leader in the Azusa St Revival of 1906-1909 that ran day and night for three years and people of all races worshipped together freely. This statement was made. “The color line was washed away by the Blood of Jesus.” Is there any other way? Programs, protestors nor professors but only intercessors can bring change first from within then without. “Save the “church” and save the world.”

  3. Pastor Rick Armstrong, Great Redeemer Christian Church, Fort Worth, Texas says:

    I stand with the signers of the Charlottesville Declaration. May God have mercy on the Evangelical Christians of America.

  4. Brandon Bielhy says:

    Brandon Charles Bielhy
    Devoted Follower of Christ

  5. Bill Cayley says:

    Thanks, and God Bless!

    Bill Cayley, Jr, MD MDiv
    Eau Claire, WI

  6. Jerry S. Herbert says:

    Amen. Truthful. Righteous. Kingdom-centered. It’s time, yes, past time, for us white evangelicals to stand up and confess our idolatry, to own our American story of white supremacy, and to join in the writing of an ending to that story that honors the one true Lord of the world.

  7. Thank you helping us to share our voice and I pray we can see real change happen in our country regarding this issue.

  8. Meagan Alderton says:

    No other words needed.

  9. Liam Moore says:

    Amen the most Balanced piece I’ve read In a long time Thankyou fir your obedience and Boldness to stand for truth justice An truth bless ya loads Liam Moore Liverpool England

  10. J. Michael Tilley says:

    J. Michael Tilley
    PhD, Philosophy, University of Kentucky
    RE One Ancient Hope (PCA), Iowa City, IA

  11. Elijah Layfield says:

    Lead Pastor, Pillar of Grace Church

  12. Perceta Tuggle says:

    Mother and Children’s Advocate

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