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For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17

In Charlottesville, VA, the violence of white supremacy visited our nation once again; its demonic presence has not been exorcised from us. From the founding of this nation until the present hour, the idolatry of whiteness has been a pro-death spirit within our republic. It is easy for us to scapegoat the domestic terrorists who incited violence that ended in the deaths of three Americans. We can call them extremists who do not represent American values, but upon closer examination, the ideology deployed as a weapon in Charlottesville haunts every institution of the country, including the Church.

Thus, it is with great concern for the soul of this nation that we, the undersigned, covenant to “cry loud and spare not” (Isaiah 58:1) against America’s national sin, beginning within the body of Christ. White supremacy—often called by many names including racism, white privilege, “alt-right” and the KKK—is an insidious doctrine that in manifold ways steals, kills, and destroys the inviolable dignity of all God’s children (Genesis 1:26-28). It suppresses the truth of God (Romans 1:18), and walks out of step with the true Gospel (Galatians 2:14). All that is left for an unrepentant stance toward sin is God’s justice and judgement. Alas, many of the Lord’s followers remain hard of heart and hearing, making God’s judgement upon this nation seemingly inevitable.

Judgment begins with the household of God, which has been particularly instrumental in the creation and maintenance of racial inequity. From Puritan pilgrims to Evangelical revivalists, churchmen have been seduced by the spirit of the age, calling evil good and good evil. The blood of indigenous peoples, Africans, and other people of color cries out from American soil to God our Maker. As premature calls for peace seek to silence the pregnant rage of this generation, the words of Scripture come freshly to mind: “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division” (Luke 12:51-53).

Because of this, we do not need cheap grace, cheap peace, cheap reconciliation. We need a revival of spirit, a revolution of values, and the abundance of righteous justice in this land. Now is the time for the Church to again be the moral compass for this nation. Now is the time for a prophetic, Spirit-led remnant to bear credible “word and deed” witness to the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As in the generation that preceded us, we especially call upon those born-again disciples who still cherish the authority of Scripture and the enablement of the Spirit. We declare that old time religion is still good enough for us in this new era, religion that provides us a full-orbed Gospel of evangelism and activism. May we be salt and light witnesses against the kingdom of darkness, knowing that we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

To this end, we call upon white leaders and members of the Evangelical church to condemn in the strongest terms the white supremacist ideology that has long existed in the church and our society. Nothing less than a full-throated condemnation can lead to true reconciliation in the Lord’s body. Additionally, this condemnation must not be in word only, but also in deeds that “bring forth fruits worthy of repentance” (Luke 3:8). As Dr. King notes in Letter from Birmingham Jail, white apathy is worse than white supremacy.

We also appeal to the black church to urgently remember its historic role of living within the pastoral-prophetic tension in U.S. Christianity. We call black Christians and others back to a prophetic vocation embodied in the ministries of Lemuel Haynes, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Maria W. Stewart, Richard Allen, Charles Price Jones, Charles Harrison Mason, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hamer, Gardner C. Taylor, J. Deotis Roberts, and John Perkins. Now is the time to remind the nation and ourselves of the personal and social power of the Gospel.

Lastly, we invite Christians of good will to join in reading, learning, and acting on insights found in the ways in which the Church both legitimated and resisted white supremacy throughout the last several centuries. Armed with saving knowledge and theological and historical truth, we can persuasively call for repentance and be repairers of the breach. White supremacy will be cast out and dismantled, God willing, by prayer and fasting. We fight for victory in the name of Jesus our Lord! Amen.

If you would like to add your name as a signer of the Charlottesville Declaration, please email: with your name and title as you would like them to appear.

  • CJ Rhodes, D.Min. (cand.), co-author
    Pastor, Mt. Helm Baptist Church; Chair, Commission on Ecumenical Relationships, National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
  • Jemar Tisby, co-author
    President, Reformed African American Network; Co-host “Pass The Mic” podcast
  • Tyler Burns,
    Co-host, “Pass The Mic” podcast
  • Beau York,
    Producer of Pass the Mic, Executive Producer of Truth’s Table
  • Dr. Christina Edmondson,
    CEO, Edmondson Consulting
  • Rev. Dr. Mika Edmondson,
    Author, The Power of Unearned Suffering
  • Lisa V. Fields,
    President, Jude 3 Project
  • Michelle Higgins,
    Director, Faith for Justice
  • Rev. Dr. Mike Higgins,
    Senior Pastor, South City Church
  • Rev. Earon M. James Sr.,
    Lead Pastor, Relevant Life Church
  • Rev Lèonce B. Crump Jr.,
    Senior Pastor, Renovation Church
    Author, Renovate: Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are
  • Jason Petty, Propaganda,
    Hiphop artist, poet, and activist

  • Cornelius Lindsey,
    Pastor, The Gathering Oasis Church
  • Dr. Wade F. Bradshaw,
    Associate Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville
  • Dwight A. Bennett II,
    Campus ministry leader, Impact Movement at Central Michigan University
  • Rev. Bryan L Fordham, M.Div.,
    Member of Community Bible Church, Savannah, GA, Husband, Dad
  • Rev. William Dwight McKissic, Sr.,
    Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • Elodie Quetant,
    Managing Editor, RAANetwork
    Editor, Copywriter, Strider SEO
  • Ekemini Uwan,
    Public Theologian
  • Vincent Bacote, Ph.D.,
    Director, Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Wheaton College (IL)
  • BJ Thompson,
    Speaker, Activist, Director of Build A Better Us (growth ad development charity)
  • H.B. Charles Jr.,
    Senior Pastor, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church
  • Dr. Alan Noble,
    Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma Baptist University and Editor-in-Chief of Christ and Pop Culture
  • Tasha Morrison,
    Founder and President of Be the Bridge
  • Michael Wear,
    Author, Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America
  • Matthew J. Hall, Ph.D.,
    Dean of Boyce College, Sr. VP of Academic Strategy, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Gregory A. Wills,
    Dean of the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Scotty Ward Smith,
    Pastor Emeritus – Christ Community Church, Franklin TN, Teacher in Residence – West End Community Church
  • Mr. Joseph H Meyer,
    Member of MacArthur Blvd Baptist
  • Jon and Maggie Chou
  • Chris Atwell,
    Lead Pastor, Portico Church, Charlottesville, VA
  • Rev. Peter Rowan,
    Pastor, Second City Church Harrisburg, PA
  • Rev. Danny Edwards-Luce,
    Pastor, Port Towns Church, Bladensburg, MD
  • Dr. Francis G. Trascritti,
    Cincinnati, OH
  • Joshua Cypert,
    Student, Boyce College
  • Dr. Jennifer Ellis West,
    Assistant Professor of English, Gordon College
  • Dr. Frank Anderson,
    Associate Professor of Missions and Ministry, Union University; Pastor of True Light Baptist Church (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Dr. Paul D. Miller,
    Research Fellow, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
  • Tyler J. Morrison,
    MDiv Student, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville KY
  • Rev. Kenneth L. Brown, Sr., M.Th.,
    Pastor, New Life Bible Church, Los Angeles, CA
  • Quina Aragon,
    Member of Living Faith Bible Fellowship
  • Marty Duren,
    Groups Pastor, Green Hill Church
  • Rev. Kevin Lighty,
    Senior Pastor, Samuel Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Executive Board Member, Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association, President, Camden County NAACP
  • Carmen McCain,
    Assistant Professor of English, Westmont College
  • BJ Walbert,
    Pastor, Chantilly Bible Church
  • Frank Brown,
    Pastor, St. Paul’s UMC (Port Church), Port Republic, NJ
  • Davey Marvich,
    Worship Leader
  • Bryan Baise, PhD,
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics – Boyce College
  • Curtis A. Woods,
    Associate Executive Director, Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Matt Stevens,
    Creative Arts Pastor, Vintage Church
  • Rev. Steven Scott Weathers MDiv.,
    Evangelical Free Church of America – Director, Multicultural Ministries
  • Dana M. Harris,
    Associate Professor, New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Editor, Trinity Journal
  • Newton Chilingulo,
    Pastor, Reformation Bible Church, Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Bill Cassidy,
    Elder, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA
  • Jared E. Alcántara,
    Associate Professor of Homiletics, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Rev. Ben Lowe,
    Author, activist, and licensed official worker in the C&MA
  • Rev. Kelly David Scott,
    Campus Minister with Athletes in Action at the University of Virginia
  • Shane England,
    Pastor, Resonate Church, Nashville TN
  • Rev. Mark Grapengater,
    Assistant Pastor, All Souls Fellowship, Decatur, GA
  • Bob Amacker
  • Randall Fowler,
    Doctoral Student in Communication Studies, University of Maryland College Park
  • Shane Ammons,
    Elder at Restoration Presbyterian Church (PCA), Buford, Ga
  • Harold A. Netland,
    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Courtney Burge
  • Peter Cha,
    Professor of Church, Culture, and Society, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Joshua Jipp,
    Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Dr. Steven C. Roy,
    Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Michelle Santos Odle, LPC,
    M.Div, St. Louis, MO
  • David A. Wright,
    member of Veritas Community Church
  • Michelle Winter,
    Emporia, Kansas
  • Bishop Emery Lindsay,
    Pastor of Christ Temple Cathedral, Los Angeles Ca
  • Samantha Cohoe,
    Latin Teacher, Augustine Classical Academy
  • Alison Chino,
    Writer/Editor, Member of Fellowship Bible Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Raymond Almsteadt,
    Communications Director, Baltimore, MD
  • Anthony Hartnett,
    Member of Solid Rock Church in Riverdale, MD
  • Devin Tressler,
    Cru City St. Louis—Immigrants and Refugees, Editor at
  • Rev. Melvin D. Watkins, Jr.,
    Pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Memphis, TN
  • Michael Gordon,
    Midwest Area Coordinator, Reformed University Fellowship
  • Emily Pritzel,
    Redeemed in Montgomery, Alabama
  • Isaac Wardell,
    Director for Worship Arts, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville
  • Rev. Todd Johnson,
    Hope Presbyterian Church, Crozet, VA (A church plant of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA)
  • Abby Millar,
    Member Christ Community Church, Champaign, IL
  • Cole Lescher,
    Director of College Ministry, Central Presbyterian Church
  • Carl Nelson,
    President, Transform Minnesota: the evangelical network
  • Edward Illes,
    Member of Hopewell Christian Fellowship Elverson, PA
  • Laura Davis
  • Holli Payne
  • Felicia Forrest,
    Christian, wife, mother, friend, Black
  • Uri Tamminga, M.Div.
    Westminster Seminary California
  • Rev. Stan Long,
    Co-Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship (PCA) Baltimore, MD
  • Jason Ledford,
    Lead Pastor, Tapestry Church, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Gareth Tonnessen, M.Div.,
    “retired” PCA pastor
  • Charles C. Miller,
    Lancaster, PA
  • Bruce Morgan,
    Christ follower, husband, father, educator
  • Tim Mindemann,
    Pastor for Youth and Family Ministry, Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church, PCA – Quarryville PA
  • Andrew Enos,
    Administrative Pastor at Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa, CA
  • Jonathan Newman,
    Cru Campus Ministry, UC Berkeley
  • Rev. Elaine Silverstrim,
    Retired, Episcopal priest in Diocese of Southern Ohio
  • RaShan Frost,
    Campus Director/Sports Chaplain, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Connections & Discipleship Pastor, Riverland Church, Charleston, SC
  • Daniel King,
    Christ follower, husband, father
  • Haley Irwin,
    Stay-at-home mom
  • David S. Buchanan,
    Educator, Member, Salem Evangelical Free Church
  • Tamika Miller,
    Arlington, Texas
  • Jonathan Sgalambro,
    Student, Westminster Theological Seminary, New Jersey Pastor
  • John Wu,
    Point Community Church, NJ
  • Priscilla Ko,
    Point Community Church, NJ
  • Dave Martin,
    Gresham Bible Church, Gresham, Oregon
  • Rev. Joel Passmore,
    Assistant Pastor and Worship Director, Northside Church of Richmond (VA)
  • Christopher Ristine
  • Dr. Duane A. McKinney,
    Senior Pastor- Washington Christian Center (Temple Hills, MD)
  • Judi Breidegam,
    Area Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Andrew Harwell,
    Church Planting Intern, Perimeter Church
  • Kristine Nelson,
    Member, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA
  • Rev. Keith Berger,
    Area Coordinator – Reformed University Fellowship
  • Jonathan Goodall
  • Sam Heath,
    Elder, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA
  • Cristy Slawson,
    neighbor, wife, mother, Gresham, OR
  • Rob Jones,
    Lawyer, Ruling Elder at Trinity PCA, Jackson, MS
  • James Pothen,
    Software Engineer in Test, The New York Times
  • Kaitlyn Amos,
    Neighbor, Charlottesville, VA
  • Steve Johnson,
    Southern Baptist pastor, Ruckersville, VA
  • Eric C. Redmond,
    Assistant Professor of Bible, Moody Bible Institute – Chicago
  • Steven L. Angle,
    Pastor, Southside Community Church, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Steven Batchelor,
    Associate Staff, New Life Church Detroit
  • Bill Cayley, Jr, MD MDiv.,
    Physician, Eau Claire, WI
  • Maggie Loftus, RN, Co-heir in Christ
  • Erin Batchelor,
    Deacon, New Life Church Detroit
  • Jerry S. Herbert, Ph.D.,
    Former adjunct, Pepperdine Washington DC Program, Past director, CCCU American Studies Program, Washington, DC, Elder, Washington Community Fellowship, Washington, DC
  • Brian Hauff,
    Director, Facilities Department
  • Lee Mayhall,
    Common Ground Shoals – Florence, AL
  • Elizabeth Mindemann,
    Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church – Quarryville, PA
  • Mike Robinson,
    Deacon, Christ Central Church, Charlotte NC
  • Patrick Singer,
    Member at Briarwood PCA, Birmingham, AL
  • Meghan Armstrong,
    Staff at New Life Church Detroit at Wayne State University, Collegiate Church Network
  • Katheryn Kelley,
    Ph.D. Candidate, University of Notre Dame
    Member of Grace PCA in Dalton, GA
  • Mark A. Strand, PhD.,
    Member and high school Sunday School teacher, Salem Evangelical Free Church, Fargo, ND
  • Brad Witty,
    Director of Communications, Reality San Francisco
  • Michael Guyer,
    Church Planter, Treasuring Christ Church, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Eric J. Rubio,
    Director of Administration, Calvary Memorial Church of Oak Park (IL),
    Alumnus, Wheaton College (IL)
  • Steven Patton,
    Pastor at Reunion Seattle
  • Kim Caraway,
    Christ Follower Christ Fellowship Church, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Joel van Loon
  • Rev. Dr. Doug Resler,
    Senior Pastor, Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • Andy DeHart,
    Pastor, First Baptist Church of Hatch, New Mexico
  • Rev. Kenneth J. Buck,
    Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church (EPC) of Titusville, NJ
  • Kristen Stewart,
    West End Community Church, Nashville, TN
  • Andrew Wilson,
    Teaching Pastor at King’s Church London
  • Melody Newburn,
    Fellow sister in Christ
  • Michael Rohan,
    Educator/Writer St. Petersburg, FL
  • Louis Nelson,
    Professor, University of Virginia
  • David Bibee, M.Div.
  • Helen Laack,
    Member, Trinity Presbyterian (PCA), Rochester Minnesota
  • Rev. David Pleuss,
    Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Crivitz, WI
  • Rev. Joshua Hughes,
    Executive Pastor, Four Oaks Community Church
  • Beau McKenzie,
    Gurdon, Arkansas
  • Shane Kelley,
    Program Administrator – Cornerstone School of Theology
  • Brian Dye,
    Director, The Legacy
  • Kevin Sawyer,
    Director of Mission, Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Brock Bruce,
    Pastor, The Vine Church of God, Chickamauga, GA
  • Sylvester Johnson Jr.,
    Christian, Renovation Church
  • Jeff Dodge,
    Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church of Ames – Director, Cornerstone School of Theology
  • Jeremy Bourne,
    LifeWay Church, Billings MT
  • Leland & Hannah Johnson
  • Rev. Bill Pinalto,
    Senior Pastor, Edgewater Baptist Church, Chicago, IL
  • Rev. Rebecca Irwin-Diehl, Associate Minister, Second Baptist Church of Germantown, Philadelphia, PhD student, Villanova University
  • Rechab Gray,
    Teaching Pastor, Cottage Grove Church
  • Jessica Thompson,
  • Dr. Daniel DeWitt,
    Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics & Public Christianity, Cedarville University
  • Joseph George,
  • Dr. LaVonne J. Gaffin,
    Christian & Black Veterinarian
  • Rev. M. Derek Jacks,
    Pastor, Homewood Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • Mart Fowler,
    Redeemer Yadkin Valley Church
  • Abby Perry,
    Member, Grace Bible Church, College Station, TX
  • Rev. Ryan C. Doyle,
    Pastor, Mercy Fellowship (PCA), Nashville, TN
  • Dave Clark,
    Pastor, Living Hope Neighborhood Church – Richmond CA
  • Rev. Austin Pfeiffer,
    Associate Pastor, Salem Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Rev. Rob Turner,
    Church planter/pastor Arsenal Hill Mission (ARP), Columbia, SC
  • Rachel Patrick Turner,
    Columbia, SC
  • Christiana Fitzpatrick,
    Director of Global Education, Covenant College, Member, Resurrected Baptist Church
  • Amy Rice,
    Christian of goodwill, member of Christ Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Preston G. Atkinson,
    Pastor – Southern Hills Baptist Church. Kempner, (Fort Hood) TX
  • John R. Caines Jr.,
    Senior Pastor, East Ridge Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN
  • Rev. Matthew J. Carr,
    Senior Pastor, Back Creek Church (Associate Reformed Presbyterian) – Charlotte, NC
  • Bob Adams,
    Grace& Peace Presbyterian Church (PCA) Greenville, SC
  • Carter Carroll,
    Pastor to Children and Young Families, Hopewell Baptist Church, Savannah, TN
  • Pamela Faye,
    Mother, writer, activist – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Dr. Don Payne,
    Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Formation, Denver Seminary
  • Victoria Gibbs & Kris Vander Stelt,
    Co-chairs, Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation (CORR)
  • John R. Blackmon,
    Pastor, Meansville Baptist Church Meansville, GA, PhD student MBTS
  • Dalton Alvis
  • Whitt Hibbs
  • Bill Poirier,
    President, His Kingdom Golf
  • Clyde Comer III,
    Cru Local Missions Director for SC & GA
  • Zachary Edwards, BSW,
    MSW Student and Christ’s Beloved, Reynoldsburg, OH
  • Jennifer K. Whitmer,
    Educator, member Jubilee Church Kirkwood, and grad student in Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact at Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Timothy Thomas,
    Educator and Writer, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Micah Jelinek,
    Associate Pastor, Oak Pointe Church | Milford, MI
  • Samuel Husband,
    Assistant pastor, Independent Presbyterian
  • Dr. Joey Sherrard,
    Assistant Pastor, Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church (EPC), Signal Mountain, TN
  • Taylor Gordon,
    Director of Youth & Family Ministries at Lexington Presbyterian Church, SC
  • Sylwinn Tudor,
    Grace & Peace Fellowship, St Louis
  • Alex Long, MDiv,
    Latin Teacher, Louisville, KY
  • Iheoma Umez-Eronini,
    Engineer, activist, artist
  • Ed Mitchell,
    Member Redeemer PCA San Antonio, Texas
  • Samantha Clay,
    Campus Staff- New Life Church, Detroit
  • Elizabeth Welch,
    Church staff, New Life Church Detroit
  • Rev. Parker James,
    Church Planting Pastor, Lord of Glory Fellowship, Athens, GA
  • Rev. Chris Todd,
    Missionary Pastor, National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon
  • Tim Jones,
    Director, New City Counseling, Charlottesville, VA
  • Rev. Mike Sloan,
    GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)
  • Josh Crans,
    Lead Pastor, Providence Church-Coatesville
  • Jim Anderson,
    Elder, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA
  • Joel Gustafson,
    Youth Leader, Immanuel Christian Reformed Church, Fort Collins, CO
  • Carter Brinkley,
    Student Minister, Hernando Baptist Church
  • Kathy Welsh Smith,
    Staff, Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore
  • John Riner,
    Director of Ministries, Frontline Church
  • Will Card,
    Member, Hixson Presbyterian Church
  • Zachary Holbrook,
    Member New Song Community Church, Baltimore, MD
  • Stephanie Ebert,
    blogger & Baptist Church member
  • Joshua R. Olson,
    Elder, Iron Works Church (PCA), Phoenixville, PA
  • Jeff Rogers,
    Lead Director of GO Seminary of the Americas, Santiago, Dominican Republic
  • Nicholas Downey,
    Fortuna, ca
  • Spencer Sweeting,
    Pastor, City Alliance Church
  • Andre A. Gazal, Ph.D.,
    Religion Faculty, University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Clive Craigen,
    Associate Professor of Urban Ministry, Moody Bible Institute
  • Dave Flood,
    Founder and president of Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives, Inc., Professor of Bible: Austin Bible Institute
  • Rev. Dr. Mike Farley,
    Associate Pastor, Central Presbyterian Church (EPC), St. Louis, Missouri
  • John T. Hardie, Ph.D.,
    Lead Pastor, Grace North Atlanta
  • Megan Pannell Cockrell,
    Augusta, GA
  • Heath W. Carter,
    Valparaiso University
  • Paul Littleton,
    Elder, First Baptist Church, Sachse, TX
  • Patrick Martin,
    Cru Team Leader, Upstate South Carolina Metro
  • Evan Wickham,
    Artist, songwriter, pastor and founder of Park Hill Church, San Diego
  • Courtney Humphreys,
    Member of Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN
  • Deborah Pickering,
    Follower of Jesus, wife, mamma
  • Julie Williamson,
    Member of Living Faith Bible Fellowship
  • Mel Payne,
    Ruling elder, Independent Presbyterian Church, Mempis, TN
  • Kevin Armstrong,
    Pastor, New Life Church of Detroit
  • Bliss R. Spillar IV,
    Lead Pastor at Redemption City Church in Frederick, MD, Director of Connection and Prayer at SENT Church Planting Network
  • Jeff Wilkins,
    City Church of East Nashville
  • Scott Morris,
    Reformed University Fellowship campus minister at the University of Oklahoma
  • Helen Morris,
    Norman, OK
  • Eric Quiram,
    Member City Church of East Nashville
  • Curt Mize,
    Associate Pastor, FBC Dadeville, Alabama
  • Kevin Gwin,
    Elder, Legacy Christian Fellowship, Chicago
  • Jacob Frisbie
  • Kerri Koenig,
    Community volunteer
  • Robert Beasley,
    Pilgrim, Follower of Jesus
  • Jim Bleakley,
    Lead Pastor, Charlottesville Vineyard Church
  • Peter Avery,
    Team Leader, Cru at Colorado State University and MDiv student, SBTS
  • Melissa Tamminga
  • Rev. Jon Paul Robles,
    Lead Pastor, Oakpointe Christian Center, Co-host, “Geek First The Kingdom” podcast
  • David Shideler,
    Deacon, Grace Presbyterian Church, Stillwater, OK, Father and husband
  • Bryan Lair,
    Pastor, Trinity City Church, Saint Paul, MN
  • Sam Shideler,
  • Donny Cho,
    Lead Church Planter/Pastor of Metro Church and Executive Director of Pioneers For Christ
  • John Starke,
    Lead Pastor, Apostles Church Uptown, New York City
  • Nate Downey,
    Pastor, The Town Church, Eureka, California
  • Jason Saxon Smith,
  • Timothy Shin,
    Director of Worship Ministries
  • Rev. Robert Binion,
    Lead pastor of New Song Presbyterian church, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jim Hatch,
    Mission to North America
  • Amanda McClendon,
    Member of Kaleo Church, Houston, TX
  • Harvey Turner,
    Lead Pastor, Living Stones Church, Reno Nevada
  • Rev. Vondel Stevens
  • Dr. Katharine Brophy Dubois
  • Shari Englund,
    member Our Savior’s ELCA, Oshkosh, Wi
  • Rev. Hansoo Jin,
    East Baltimore church planter
  • Charles Handren,
    Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Glory of Christ Fellowship, Elk River, Minnesota
  • Rev. Rick Spenst, D.Min.,
    Pastor of Fort Lee Gospel Church (C&MA), Fort Lee, NJ
  • Rev. Matthew Todd Gragg
  • Brian Metzer,
    Team Leader, Cru, Cleveland & Northeast Ohio
  • Dwaine Whitley, MAI,
    PCA Elder & Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Charlotte, NC
  • Brian Crawford, Sr.,
    Lead Pastor, City Light Church, Vicksburg, MS
  • Jayme Caldwell,
    Educator, Washington, DC
  • Stephen G. Brown,
    Senior Pastor, Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Rev. Andy Nagel,
    Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Missions, Central Presbyterian Church, Baltimore MD.
  • Zack Park,
    Cru – Team Leader in Riverside, CA, Assistant Pastor – The Promise Church
  • Rev. Anthony Rodriguez,
    Pastor, Valley Hope Church (EPC), Black Mountain, NC
  • John G. Veazey,
    Member of the Chapel Baton Rouge and Attorney
  • Eric Nykamp,
    Producer of the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast & Director of Worship Design at Madison Church North Campus
  • Noel Weichbrodt,
    member, Rock Creek Fellowship – Chattanooga, TN
  • Kelly B. Hudspeth,
    Jesus follower, wife, mother, member of Redeemer Church of Knoxville
  • William M Victor, PhD.,
    Columbia, MO
  • George Bednar Jr.,
    First Baptist Charleston, Charleston, SC
  • Rev. Hace Cargo,
    Asst Pastor, Brookhaven Presbyterian Church
  • Jared Hollick,
    Cru Campus Ministry, George Mason University
  • Ted Turnau,
    author, speaker, lecturer in cultural and religious studies, Anglo-American University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Rev. Kirk Carlisle,
    Lead Pastor, Pinewood Baptist Church, Pinewood, SC
  • Brad Linden,
    New Life Church Detroit
  • Wendy Alsup,
    Author, The Gospel-Centered Woman and Is the Bible Good for Women?
  • Jason Kovacs,
    Pastor of Care & Counseling, The Austin Stone Community Church
  • Andrew King,
    Executive Director, Speak for the Unborn
  • H.E. ‘Ed’ Bowman, Jr.,
    Pastor (retired) EPC Bristol, VA
  • Ben Brown,
    Student, Boyce College
  • Joseph Randall,
    Pastor, Olney Baptist Church
  • Elyse M. Fitzpatrick,
  • Jon R. Jordan,
    Logic School Director, Coram Deo Academy of Dallas
  • Jeremy Towry,
    Elder, Christ Community Church, Tullahoma, TN
  • Kenneth Cruz,
    Missionary; B.S. Ministry Leadership and Preaching, Moody Bible Institute, USMC Veteran
  • Elizabeth Gurney,
    Member of GraceCity in Baltimore, co-director of SHARPkids
  • Dr. David S. Apple,
    Mercy Minister, Tenth Pres. Church, Philadelphia, and author of Neighborology with a look at Tenth’s Reconciler’s Fellowship
  • Dan Baker,
    Director of Online Experience, Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor
  • Jonathan Martin,
    Writer and Speaker
  • Jessica Akin,
    Wife, mother, teacher, member of Redeemer PCA Jackson, MS
  • Zach Cooper,
    Substance Abuse Specialist and Fellow Ally in the fight for justice, Augusta, GA
  • Rev. Scott Seaton,
    Pastor, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Arlington, Virginia
  • Rev. Wyeth W. Duncan,
    Elder, Music Director and Organist, Oakland Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Richie Valdes,
    Christian, Husband, Father
  • Ricky D. Burke.
    Senior Pastor, Melbourne FBC, Melbourne, AR
  • Chris Hatch,
    Pastor of New City Church (IPC), London
  • Christopher Artis,
    Elder, Mosaic Church, Frederick, MD
  • Don R Johnson,
    Ethical Culture Leader
  • Tina Shideler,
    wife and mother
  • Joshua Beckett,
    Adjunct Instructor and PhD Candidate in Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Christopher David,
    Video Producer at DDM Webservice
  • Jacob Murphy,
    Pastor, Cypress Wesleyan Church
  • Wesley and Zhanara Handy
  • Jonathan R. Smith,
    Hamilton, GA
  • Anna Todd,
    MDiv., hospice chaplain, member of Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA)
  • Jimmie L. Ervin, Jr.,
    Pastor of St. Matthew COCHUSA, Monroe, LA
  • Trenton Morales,
    Atlanta, Ga
  • Joseph Dicks,
    Main Street Baptist Church, Lexington KY
  • Andrew Johnson,
    Deacon of Gathered Worship, The City Church- Fort Worth
  • Cathleen Falsani,
    Author, speaker, journalist – Laguna Beach, CA
  • Andreya Evans,
    Christian of good will
  • C. Christina Ho,
    Member of Alexandria Presbyterian Church in Alexandria VA
  • Pastor Victor Sholar,
    Main Street Baptist Church, Lexington KY
  • Ashley Martin,
    Member & deaconess, Veritas Community Church, Columbus, OH
  • Ian Edward Caveny,
    Pastor, First Baptist Church Hillsboro
  • Andrew Harper,
    Husband, father, linguist, author, and US Army veteran
  • Alf Laukoter,
    Follower of Christ
  • David Dark,
    Assistant Professor of Religion and the Arts at Belmont University
  • Rev. Jim Moon, Jr.,
    Founding Pastor Crosspoint Encuentro Church
  • Todd A. Benkert,
    Merrillville, Indiana
  • Dave Miller,
    Editor, SBC Voices
  • Trudy Ellis,
    Servant, Miami Gardens, FL
  • Rev. Alan Cross,
    Author, SBC Minister, Missional Strategist, Immigrant/Refugee Advocate; Director of Community Develpment Initiatives, Montgomery, AL
  • Matt Klem,
    MDiv and ThM student and RA at Bethlehem College & Seminary; Pastoral Intern at Vine Church, Minneapolis
  • Nathan Broom,
    Disciple of Jesus, Graduate of Mississippi College
  • Jack Veljkovic Barry,
    Deacon at Resurrection Church in Tacoma, WA
  • Chris Ball,
    executive director, Polis Recovery Project
  • Mrs. Leah Sadlon,
  • Mr. David Sadlon,
    IT Professional
  • Mary Saville,
    Member of Living Faith Bible Fellowship
  • Will Osgood,
    InterVarsity Campus Minister
  • Michelle M. Oakerson, M.D.,
    Physician, Mother, Voice Crying in the Wilderness, Central Indiana
  • Jared A. Lee, Ph.D.,
    Elder, Gospel Life Church, Broomfield, CO
  • Ryan Ganshert,
    Christ follower, Iowa
  • Jon Roper,
    Cru Team Leader, Orange County
  • Dr. Patrick Connelly,
    Associate Professor of History, Mississippi College
  • Jaleshea Cobbs,
    Educator, Washington DC
  • Otis W. Pickett,
    Assistant Professor of History at Mississippi College and contributor to Heal Us, Emmanuel: A Call for Racial Reconciliation, Representation and Unity in the Church
  • Bryan Pickering,
    Pastor for Care & Counseling, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus
  • Courtney Lott,
    Editorial Assistant, Good News Magazine
  • Shane Claiborne,
    author and activist, founder of Red Letter Christians
  • Thomas H.B. Slawson,
    Elder, Gresham Bible Church, Gresham, Oregon
  • Davida Casey,
    Cincinnati, OH
  • Josh Holowell,
    Pastor, City Hope Fellowship
  • John Casey Hopson,
    Minister of Music, Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church
  • Brinn Clayton,
    Member of Westwood Baptist Church, Roxboro NC
  • Andy Littleton,
    Pastor, Mission Church – Tucson, AZ
  • Jill Butler,
    Member, Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Kosciusko, Mississippi
  • Zach Hollifield,
    Student Minister, Poplar Springs Church, King, NC
  • Rev. Greg Joines,
    Pastor, Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Corvallis, OR
  • Jeffrey Brooks Price,
    Lover of the Light, Father of Emerson Brooks
  • Kristen S. Behne,
    BSN, RN
  • Ric Leach,
    Member, One Miami Church (South Florida Church of Christ)
  • Craig S. Keener,
    Biblical Studies Professor and author
  • Dr. Stefanie Kreamer,
    Christian, doctor, engaged church member
  • Ernest Odunze,
    Congregational Elder, Frontline Church
  • Rev. Arrington Chambliss,
    Episcopal City Mission
  • Emily S. Fletcher-Davis,
    Member of Hunt Valley Church, PCA, in Cockeysville, MD, wife and mother
  • Clay Daniel,
    Founder, Clayborne Education
  • Chris Bishop,
    Pastor – Hope Community Church of Rogersville, TN
  • Jackie Flake,
    Pastor to N. Ft. Smith, AR of Community Bible Church
  • Adrian Mathenia,
    Artist, Director of Communications, First Baptist Church Mount Washington, KY
  • Jonathan Butrin,
    Milwaukee, WI
  • Dan Weiss,
    Director of Operations, Transformation Ministries
  • William Haselton,
    Lead ESL Instructor, Intensive English Program, NC State University, M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Heather Gary,
    Yeshua follower, wife, mother, human dignity advocate (Lubbock, TX – Redeemer Church)
  • Rev. Gregory A. Ward,
    Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Cedar Park, TX
  • David Baruch Hutchison,
    Christian of good will, Member of First Pres (Augusta)
  • Wesley Lassiter,
    Youth Minister, Meansville Baptist Church, Student, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Brett Miller,
    Team Leader, Cru at George Mason University
  • Jeff Miller,
    Senior Pastor, Christ Church Greensboro, PCA, Greensboro, NC
  • Ansley L. Quiros,
    Historian, Member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church – Florence, AL
  • Rev. Dr. Gaylan Mathiesen,
    Professor of Mission and Evangelism
  • Joe Maye,
    Senior Pastor, Rise Church (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Samuel Greenlee,
    Church Planter in Residence, City Life Church, Sacramento, CA
  • Reid S. Monaghan,
    Founder & President, Power of Change
  • Wayne Shaw,
    Resident of Mobile, Alabama, Co-laborer with the Church
  • Kristi West,
    Urban Missionary
  • Larry Smith,
    Community Life Pastor, Epiphany Fellowship
  • Rev. E.M. Welcher,
    First Christian Church, Glenwood, Iowa
  • Allison Wilson Lee,
    HQ staff with Cru
  • Will Vucurevich,
    Pastor of Mission Collectives and Communities, Redemption Church, Tempe, AZ
  • Jonny Morrison,
    Pastor Missio Dei Community Church
  • Rachel M. Kim,
    Charlottesville, VA
  • Johnathon Bowers,
    Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Bethlehem College & Seminary
  • Rev. Joe Dentici,
    Campus Minister of Reformed University Fellowship, Penn State
  • Josh Tuttle,
    Elder, Grace & Truth Bible Church
  • Taylor Bruce,
    Director InsideOUT Prison Ministry
  • Chris Reinolds,
    Lead Pastor, Killian Baptist Church
  • Thomas Blevins,
    Connections Minister, Northland, A Church Distributed; Founder & Lead Advocate, The Zoe Project; Missiologist, The Crowded House Network & Central Florida Church
  • Ameen Hudson,
    Student, Designer, Writer, member of Living Faith Bible Fellowship, Tampa, FL
  • Rev. Lance E. Lewis,
    Sr. Pastor, Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church. (PCA)
  • Rev. Luke Le Duc,
    Sr. Pastor, Wheatland Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA
  • Adam Peterson,
    Member, Christ City Church (Memphis, TN)
  • Dr. Linda Naranjo-Huebl,
    Associate Professor of English, Calvin College
  • Chuck Kinsey,
    Elder, New Hope EPC, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ellen Rees,
    Member, Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA), Austin, Texas
  • Rev. J. Kameron Pugh,
    Pastor, Iron City Church, Birmingham, AL
  • Matthew Hess,
    Disciple of Christ, Inner city youth advocate
  • Elijah Layfield,
    Lead Pastor, Pillar of Grace Church in New Prague, MN
  • C. Ben Mitchell, PhD.,
    Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy, Union University
  • Timothy A. Terhune,
    Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church of Livonia
  • Rev. Duff James,
    City Church of Asheville, NC
  • Michael K. McGee,
    Able Man, Mercy Street Church in Dallas, TX
  • Tim Nicodemus,
    Deacon of Christ Central Church in Charlotte, NC
  • Slim Thompson,
    Associate Pastor. Redeemer Waco, Waco, TX
  • Katie Ribera,
    Student at Covenant Theological Seminary, Member of South City Church St. Louis (PCA)
  • Scott O’Donohoe,
    Missional Community Pastor, The Village Church, Hamilton, OH
  • Rev. Jim Miller,
    1st United Presbyterian
    repentant, Reformed, rejoicing
  • Katishia Gallishaw,
    M.A. Spiritual Formation Student, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Chad McCool,
  • Jeremy Odekerken,
    Mosaic Scholar, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Guest Contributor, RAANetwork
  • Rev. James K. Forbis, Jr.,
    Teaching Pastor: F irst B aptist C hurch Willow Springs
  • Reuben Kendall,
    Baptized Tennessee White Man
  • Les Newsom,
    RUF Area Coordinator- RUF Midsouth
  • Ben Jackson,
    Vestry Senior Warden, St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Rev. James A. Jardin,
    Assistant Pastor, Restoration Presbyterian Church, Buford, Ga
  • Rev. Matt Lorish,
    Pastor, Northside Church of Richmond (VA)
  • Rev. J. Al LaCour,
    Area Coordinator, RUF International
  • Rev. Brian Sorgenfrei,
    RUF Campus Minister at University of Mississippi
  • Aaron Mize,
    M.Div student, Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Terry Riegel,
    Member – Redeemer Church, Rocky Mount NC
  • Lindsey Yoder,
    Atlanta, GA
  • Heath G. Ferguson,
    Director of Pastoral Care & Faith Relations, Mississippi Baptist Health Systems
  • Rev. John Michael Betz,
    Chaplain – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jeremy Doan,
    Member of First Presbyterian Church of Berthoud
  • Cooper Day,
    Lay leader – First Baptist Colleyville – Hurst, TX
  • Stephanie McCulley,
  • Kevin Kruczek,
    Mercy Team Leader, Sojourn Fairfax
  • Jason Hollister,
    Member Four Oaks Community Church
  • Jonathan Dickerson,
    Layperson, Summit Church, Durham, NC
  • John Casteel,
    Pastor, The Bridge Church (ARP), Simpsonville, SC
  • Philip Baillie,
  • David Blair,
    Associate Pastor, Westminster Bible Church
  • Fulei Ngangmuta Passley,
    Coaching Support for Tampa Underground Network
  • Adam G. Cook, CPA,
    Christian, transracial father, Greenville, SC
  • Ernest Lewis, Jr.,
    Worship Leader, Piedmont Internstional Church, Greensboro, NC
  • Nettie Parker,
    Attorney, West Hartford, CT
  • Chris Crane,
    Student and Research Assistant, Dallas Theological Seminary; Freelance Writer
  • Dr. Mary McCampbell,
    Associate Professor of Humanities, Lee University
  • David Rowe,
    Postulant for Holy Orders, Diocese of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
  • Rev. Pete Rehrmann,
    Lead Pastor, Holy Cross Church, Tucson, AZ
  • Rev. Jeffrey R. Birch,
    Pastor, Spruce Creek Presbyterian Church
  • Jacob Thigpen,
    Graphic Design Student at Cleveland state
  • Pastor Boyd Bettis,
    Lead Pastor, The District Church
  • Justin Weeks
    Director of Ministy & Operations, Grace Meridian Hill
  • Lisa Warmack,
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Rev. Linc Ashby,
    Community Formation Pastor, City Church Houston
  • Marsellas Williams,
    Member of New City Church in Macon, GA
  • Eric Vincill,
    Member of South City Church, Father, and Scientist
  • Ruth Vincill,
    Member of South City Church and Faith for Justice, Mother, and Activist
  • Dr. Bryan Moore,
    Ruling elder of Crossroads Community PCA – Fishers, Indiana
  • Jacob C. Cates,
    Deacon of Biblical Living, Redeemer Christian Church, Amarillo, TX
  • Lauren M. Ritter,
    Member of Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Ky
  • Zak Tharp,
    Lay Pastor, Fredonia Hill Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, TX
  • Pat Roach,
    Area Coordinator – West, Reformed University Fellowship
  • Nicklaus Hart,
    Member, Crossroads Church, WV, Shepherd, husband, and follower of Jesus Christ
  • Brooke Hart,
    Member, Crossroads Church, WV, Homemaker, wife, and follower of Jesus Christ
  • Alexander Jun, Ph.D.,
    Professor of Higher Education, Azusa Pacific University

  • Vicki Slater,
    Attorney, Jackson, MS
  • Andrew Holley,
    Pastor, Citizens Church, Decatur, GA
  • Matthew S. Tiscareno, Ph.D.,
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • Tevin Brown,
    1L Student – MS College School of Law
  • Matthew Podszus,
    Chicago Collegiate Director, The Navigators
  • Rev. Shaun Cross,
    Lead Pastor, Union Church of Washington, DC
  • Claude Atcho,
    Pastor, Redeemer Church (Somerville, MA)
  • Jeff M. Liou, PhD,
    Protestant Chaplain, Claremont University Consortium
  • Preston Grissom,
    Faith For Justice
  • Rev. Sean Nemecek,
    Pastor of First Baptist Church; Tustin, Michigan
  • Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt,
    Professor, Art Historian
  • Dr. Kelly J. Wright,
    Member of Veritas Community Church, Columbus, OH
  • Eleanore Avants,
    Member of Lake Ave Church, Pasadena CA
  • Stuart Warren,
    Director and CEO, Transforming Jail Ministries, Cincinnati, OH
  • Rev. Bill Connors, Lead Pastor, Denver Presbyterian Church
  • Kelly M. Kapic,
    Prof. of Theological Studies, Covenant College
  • Félix Cabrera,
    Lead Pastor, IGLESIA BAUTISTA CENTRAL, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dr. Leslie E. Wingard,
    Associate Professor of English, The College of Wooster
  • Damon Richardson,
    Christian Urban Apologist and Ph.D. candidate, Beulah Heights University
  • Dr. Anika T. Prather,
    Founder of The Living Water School
  • Hannah Singer,
    Member, Briarwood PCA, Birmingham, AL
  • Ms. Lacey S. Rivers,
    CEO of Connected Online Magazine
  • Rory Tyer,
    Vice President of Marketing, Global Outreach International
  • Evan Paul Toren,
    Congregant of Redeemer Christian Fellowship of Kansas City, Freelance minister of the Way of Jesus
  • Jonathan Chan,
    Chief Development Officer, Church Hill Activities & Tutoring, Richmond, VA
  • Dr. Chinyere Osuji,
    Professor and Sociologist
  • Jason Barwick
  • Birgitta J. Johnson,
    Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of South Carolina
  • Jim Hitch,
    Ruling Elder, City Church of East Nashville
  • Lynn S Harper II,
    Senior Pastor, Promised Land M.B.C
  • Eric Sandberg,
    Youth Minister, Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts

  • Matt McGue,
    Pastor of One Church, Jackson Mississippi
  • J. Allyn Henny,
    Student, Fuller Theological Seminary, Writer, The Armchair Commentary
  • William L. Webb,
    Ruling Elder, All Saints Presbyterian Church (EPC)
  • Jill Harding
    Licensed Counselor, Member of South City Church
  • Kevin N. Sanders,
    Pastor, Redeeming Grace Church, Arlington, MA
  • Chris Sicks,
    Pastor of Mercy, Alexandria Presbyterian Church
  • Andrew Ronshausen,
    Missionary to the Peruvian Amazon
  • Mac DeLorme,
    Campus staff
  • Rev. Doug Serven,
    City Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City
  • Benjamin Shute, DMA
    Assistant Professor of Music, Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Brianna Jiménez,
    Communicator and sister
  • Jake Funderburk,
    Springs of Grace Bible Church, RYCW at Tulsa Boys Home
  • Aaron Steven Nicholson,
  • Chelsea Heyboer,
    Jesus lover, justice seeker, wife, mother, homemaker – Zeeland, MI
  • Zach Lembke,
    Church Staff, New Life Church Detroit
  • Tyler Glodjo,
    Editor, Christ and Pop Culture
  • Marc Nettleton,
    Director of Advancement, 2nd Mile Ministries
  • Lee Plunkett,
    Member – Tapestry Church
  • Rachel Flowe LeCroy,
    Wife and mother, Columbia, Missouri
  • Jon Trott,
    Author, Journalist, poet/lyricist, Christian communalist; Jesus People USA Evangelical Covenant Church
  • Cody Q Balfour,
    Bachelors of Science in Pastoral Ministry, Welch College-Nashville, TN
  • Rev. Joseph A. Magri,
    Assistant Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Aaron Sands,
    Elder, City Church of East Nashville
  • Peter Sandberg,
    Professor, Judson University
  • Ryan Melson,
    Pastor, West Bank Baptist Church, Marrero, Louisiana
  • Tyler Moser,
    Campus Field Staff, Cru, and student at Westminster Seminary California
  • Laurie Melin,
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Tanner Beebe,
    Member of New City Fellowship OPC, Student, Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Eric D Stiller,
    Pastor, Central West End Church, St. Louis
  • Min. Keaton J. Brown,
    Associate Pastor, Young Adult Ministry Leader – First Baptist Church of Progress Village, Tampa, Fl
  • Rashard Barnes,
    Connections Pastor at Mercy Church, Charlotte, NC
  • Josh Kouri,
    Lead Pastor, Frontline Church
  • Rev. JP Sibley,
    Pastor, New City Fellowship PCA, Orangeburg, SC
  • Rev. Kevin Figgins,
    Christ the King Church, Augusta, GA
  • Katelynn Ronning,
    Student, Reformed Theological Seminary-Jackson
  • Michael “Stew” Stewart,
    Founding Director: Verge Network & Conferences
  • Lucas Mathews,
    Campus Staff, Cru

  • Brian Key,
    Pastor of Spiritual Formation; Director, Minority Pastoral Residency
    Redeemer Fellowship
  • David Daniels,
    Managing Editor, The Legacy
  • Chris Culley,
    Follower of Christ
  • Charles L. Pearce
    Member, Redeemer Jackson
  • David Gardner
    Associate Pastor, North Royalton Baptist Church, North Royalton, Ohio
  • Joseph Louthan,
    Norman, OK
  • Kevin N. Owens,
    Member of Manna Church, Fayetteville, NC. Husband & Poet
  • Carrie Bare,
    Associate Regional Director, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Connor Perry,
    God’s Beloved
  • Preslaysa Williams,
    Author and Actress
  • Jon Jansen,
    CenterPoint Church, Gahanna, OH
  • Jason Davis,
    Preaching Pastor, Anchor Church, Sikeston, MO
  • Rev. Dr. Timothy R. LeCroy
    Pastor, Christ Our King Presbyterian Church, Columbia, MO; Visiting Instructor of Church History, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO
  • Ronni Kurtz
    Pastor of Teaching and Equipping, Emmaus Church, Kansas City, Mo
  • Jason Andrew Field
    Christ Follower, Husband, Father
  • Aubrey Edwards-Luce, Esq., MSW
    Policy Attorney in Washington, D.C.
  • Erin White,
    Wife, Mama, Licensed Professional Counselor at The Net Counseling Center
  • Rev. Anthony L. Taylor,
    Lead Church planting Pastor @ Mosaic Church Tulsa, President of Real Talk Records, Founder of Real Talk Men’s Group
  • Whitney King,
    Christian of good will
  • Anthony Forrest,
    Student at Reformed Theological Seminary – Jackson
  • Robby Simon,
    Husband to Lauren Simon, Father to Owen Simon
  • Mark Sandvig,
    Director of Admissions, Covenant Theological Seminary
  • Rev. Moses Park,
    Assistant Pastor, Christ The King Dorchester
  • Katie Ganshert,
    Christian author
  • Rev. Ernest A. Brooks III,
    President, Academy of Preachers, Inc.
  • Sims Key,
    Architect – Greenville, SC
  • Rusty Langford,
    Pastor, Matthew’s Table Church, Cleveland, TN
  • Daniel Kleven,
    M.Div student, Bethlehem College & Seminary
  • Joseph S. Rowland,
    Missions Pastor, Smyrna Baptist Church, M.Div Student, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dan and Casey Chappell,
    Co-Founders @ The Identify Network
  • Branden Henry,
    Interim Pastor First – Baptist Xhurch, AR, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR II
  • Josh Handon,
    co-host, “Awkward Rhino” podcast
  • Bryan Padgett,
    Pastor, Redeemer Church, Stillwater, OK

  • Matthew Linder,
    Professor, National University
  • Justin Pearson,
    Pastor, Sojourn Church (Fairfax, VA)
  • K.P. Alexander,
    Location Pastor, Christ Church of Acadiana (Northside)
  • Ryan Kupiec,
    Cincinnati, OH
  • David Drake,
    Pastor, CrossWinds Church
  • Matthew Avery Jennings,
    Journalist, Lawrenceville, Ga.
  • Abena Boakyewa-Ansah,
    History PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt
  • Dr. Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd,
    Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Political Science, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Taylor Katt,
  • Scott Fortenberry,
    Pastor, Soul City Church Jackson, MS
  • Jeffrey Yim,
    Editorial Advisor at Faithfully Magazine, Adjunct Professor

  • Joshua Sharp,
    Student, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
  • Peter Slade,
    Professor of Religion, Ashland University
  • Aaron Robertson,
    Husband, Father, Cru Inner City staff
  • Dr. David Gunner Gundersen,
    Lead Pastor, BridgePoint Bible Church, Houston, TX
  • Tonya Herman,
    Urban Ministry, The Navigators (Metro CDC) – Compton, CA
  • Kathy Kratchmer,
    Iowa, Christian of goodwill
  • Rev. Matt Morginsky,
    Lead Pastor, Grace and Peace Church (PCA), Denver, CO
  • Elizabeth Behrens,
    Writer, Educator
  • Rev. Tim Burden,
    Teaching Elder, Palmetto Presbytery (PCA), Columbia, SC
  • Rev. Robert Cunningham,
    Campus Minister of Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Virginia
  • Rev. Christopher H. Miller,
    Pastor, Bigfork, MT, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
  • Shayna Wildermuth,
    Chicago Collegiate Co-Director, The Navigators
  • Timothy N. Welbeck, Esq.
    Civil Rights Attorney, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Philadelphia Chapter; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Africology and African American Studies, Temple University
  • Rev. Dr. Irwyn L. Ince, Jr.,
    Contributor, Heal Us Emmanuel: A Call for Repentance, Reconciliation, and Unity in the Church
    Contributor, All Are Welcome: Toward a Multi-Everything Church
  • Rev. Joel Littlepage,
    Assistant Pastor and Director of Worship, Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  • Melissa Littlepage,
  • Paul G. Favors, Jr.,
    Father and Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Ben Bechtel,
    Director of Youth and Ministries, Community Evangelical Free Church, Harrisburg, PA
  • Rev. Jimmy Butts,
    Pastor of Discipleship at Forest Baptist Church, Louisville KY
  • Sarah Viggiano Wright, MDiv., MAC.,
    Ministry Leader and Teacher of Scripture, Theology, and Counseling; Wife, Mother, Advocate
  • Allen Corbin,
    Member, Redeemer Church of Utah, Lehi, UT
  • Andrus G. Ashoo,
    Charlottesville, VA
  • Rev. Cal Boroughs,
    Pastor, St. Elmo Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN
  • Jevon T. Washington,
    Church Planting Resident of Downtown Cornerstone Church Seattle, Grad Student at Kilns College (Masters of Arts in Social Justice), Writer (He Reads Truth)
  • Hannah Marney,
    Member of New City Church, Macon, GA
  • Allan R. Morton, Jr.,
    Shepherd of God’s Sheep
  • Erwin B. Camacho Jr.,
    Campus Minister
  • Kristina Brown Button,
    Advocate, Activist, Educator Wife, Mother
  • Von Gordon,
    Father, Son, Husband (Jackson, MS)
  • Dalton Hill,
    Minister of Young Marrieds, First Baptist Church of Euless, TX
  • Katie Rivera,
    Homemaker, Wife, and Mother
  • Frank Theus, LPC, NCC, CSAT,
    Ruling Elder, Covenant Presbyterian Church St. Louis
  • Rev. David A. Ritchie,
    Lead Pastor, Redeemer Christian Church, Amarillo, TX
  • Brian Wilson-McCall,
    Member of  “Ministers Of Reconciliation”
  • William Stackler,
    Member, Redeemer Jackson
  • Rev. Dr. Scotty J. Williams,
    Pastor, All Souls Protestant Church
  • Kyle Carter,
    Co-Student Pastor, Katy Community Fellowship
  • Deryk D. Hayes,
    Interim Pastor First Baptist Church
  • Ben Riche,
    Pastor at Redemption Church, Augusta, GA
  • Blake I. Collier,
    Columnist, Reel World Theology
  • Miriam Blankenship Boone,
    Intern Director, One Hope Tulsa
  • Lance Futrell,
    Life Groups Coordinator, Cornerstone Church
  • Nathan A. Finn,
    Dean, School of Theology and Missions, Union University
  • Tanner House,
    Church Planting Resident, Elder, Redemption Church, Odessa, TX
  • Rev. Will Anderson,
    Associate Pastor Eighth Street Missionary Baptist Church (Nashville, TN)
  • Marquavius Casey Sr.
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Derek E. Radney,
    Pastor, Trinity Church, Winston-Salem, NC

  • Matt Brashier
    Worship Pastor, Little Flock Baptist Church, Shepherdsville, KY.
  • Dr. Matthew R. St. John,
    Senior Pastor, New Hope Church, Minneapolis
  • Tifanee McCaskill,
    World Changer, Maryland
  • Dr. Young-Sam Won,
    Associate Pastor, The Bridge Church, Carrollton, TX
  • Rev. Daniel F. Wells,
    Senior Pastor, Church of the Redeemer (PCA), Cortland, NY
  • Rev. Mark Peach,
    City Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City
  • Joshua Balta,
    Youth Minister, First Baptist Colbert Heights
  • Conrad W. Deitrick,
    Attorney, Baltimore, MD
  • Rev. George Hamm,
    Campus Minister, Reformed University Fellowship, Louisville KY
  • Dr. Barrett Jones,
    Medical Director, Partners in Hope Medical Center, Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Rev. Tim Udouj,
    Pastor, Grace & Peace Presbyterian, Greenville, SC
  • Seth Waldrop,
    Pastor for Administration & Member Care, Lamp City Church
  • Rayshawn Graves,
    Minister, Writer
  • Rev. Marcus Jerkins,
    Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate Department of Religion of Baylor University
  • Chandra Crane,
    Campus Minister, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; Associate Staff, Christian Legal Society;
    Wife, Mama, Sister, Daughter
  • Nancy Noble Barnes
  • Rev. Mike Khandjian,
    Sr. Pastor, Chapelgate Presbyterian Church, Maryland
  • Rev.  Bobby Griffith,
    City Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City
  • Alex Wright,
    M.Div student, Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Noah Lang,
    Pastor, Community Bible Church (Dunellen, NJ)
  • Eric Shrimpton,
    Director of Student Ministries, North Cincinnati Community Church
  • Dr. Tiffany M. Gill,
    Professor and Historian
  • Rev. Sam Haist,
    Assistant Pastor, South City Church

  • Bishop Henry T. Joseph lll
    Senior Pastor, Grace Church International
  • Phil Westenbarger,
    Pastor, Glouster Southern Baptist Church
  • Ronald Wagogo
    Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Rev. Matt Adair,
    Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church, Athens, GA
  • Gregory Hutchins,
    Elder/Pastor, Unity Baptist Church
  • Colton Taunton,
    Student Pastor, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
  • Jeremy Hooper,
    Morning Star Fellowship
  • David Hughes,
    Software Engineer, Pleasanton CA
  • Phillip Watkins
  • Rev. Jefforey Stafford,
    Pastor, Pleasant Green Baptist Church Vicksburg, Vicksburg, MS
  • Kinoy Brown,
    KBRS SHOW – Facebook live
  • Jason G. Duesing,
    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & College
  • Elijah B. Henderson,
    Author, East Eden Ministries
  • Stan Jr.,
    Gospel Artist, Covenant Worshippers
  • Rev. Duke Kwon,
    Lead Pastor, Grace Meridian Hill
  • Joshua Heavin,

    Member and Pastoral Intern, Park Cities Presbyterian Church of Dallas, TX;
    Licentiate, North Texas Presbytery (PCA); Phd Candidate, Trinity College Bristol

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