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The Chicago Cubs, Mr. Trump, and The Shining

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  1. Dan LeVan says:

    Mike, I love you but not sure you have the heart beat of others on this case. If I read the Republican Platform ( ) and Democratic Platform ( ) and prayerfully consider which is more aligned with Scripture…. then vote, the outcome of conscience would reflect how Christians voted. The documents share the party vision… as I presume they are speaking the truth. Both candidates stink / stunk! So where to you hang your hat if you want to be responsible?

    Just like I read “Black lives Matters” platform … read this and ask God, is this where and how you want me to align. I presume that their platform speaks for them and is their goals.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Higgins refers to homosexuals as “LGBTQ+”, which is sin-affirming terminology.

  3. Brad Palmer says:

    You are mixing seeds of civil war and scripture and are far from the reason that I or my family voted for Donald J. Trump. You are also mixing into your message love and hate. And i dont mean hating sin, but the sinner. There is alot of descrimanation tone in your message and I’m truely amazed at your position on many areas. Many things you write leave me wondering if you believe the gospel message you try to proclaim. You may need to step back a little further and let the Holy Spirit talk through you without mixing your message. Just a thought.
    I also understand that you have a lot of influence and I think many people you write at are being negatively influenced, and now including myself. Am i wrongly understanding your message? Im confused.
    By the way im not confused by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is very clear. It is Love and He is Love.
    I dont get that out of your message. Yours sounds more like a personal agenda than a message from God. Its very You-centered and Not Christ-centered.
    Thanks for listening.

  4. SJ says:

    Thanks for this Dr/Pastor/Reverend/Colonel Mike!

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