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Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion? (PTM 211)

Abigail Murrish

Is Christianity a white man’s religion? That’s the question Jemar Tisby and Earon James are delving into in this episode of Pass the Mic.

In this episode, Jemar and Earon discuss:

  • The role religion played in race-based chattel slavery in the United States and how that shaped its perception among communities of color;
  • The challenges of attending seminary while black and/or female;
  • The ways the Bible deconstructs ethnocentrism;
  • The difference between uniformity and unity;
  • …and so much more!

Quotes from this week’s episode:

Jemar Tisby: “Embedded in Christianity are the tools and the motivation and the principles to fight against race based chattel slavery. But the people who did fight against racism and slavery were the exceptions and they were persecuted. Pastors lost their pulpits, people lost their jobs and homes, they were even killed.”

Earon James: “We have to wrestle with the historical roots of Christianity’s relationship with whiteness. I don’t think people realize the damage done to the souls of black people. The character of God and the message of the Gospel are grossly misrepresented when the person who claims to own you and says “You’re my property and I can do with you as I please…” claims to be a good Christian man.”

Earon James: “Christianity is not American. Jesus Christ is Lord of the nations. America is not the apple of God’s eye. There’s not an American flag draped behind the throne of God. God doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July.”

Jemar Tisby: “There’s a difference between saying God has a plan for the nations and God has a preference and priority for the American nation.”

Check out the panel Jemar sat on about attending #seminarywhileblack.


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