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Christians Defending Immigrant Families is Good, But it Also Requires Consistency

immigrant families
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  1. Ben P says:

    Thank you Mr. (President) Tisby for continuing to challenge and motivate us!

  2. Lpadron13 says:

    A latino evangelical here. It’s not xenophobia. And it’s not racist. His responsibility is to the citizens of this country *first*.
    11 million illegals live in this country which means 11 million instances of a law having been wilfully broken. A fair number are members of gangs and criminals who affect the people this POTUS was elected to serve. For the law to be enforced it is unavoidable that some will suffer. Indeed, the opposite tack, the one argued for in this, piece has failed miserably as the law continues to be broken. Enforcing a law so that it’s observed will lead to suffering. Or do we imagine that when the Lord disciplined cities and nations that He miraculously spared children and families?

    1. Ben P says:

      Isn’t the fact that 11 million people think our country is better for them and their families a huge compliment? Something that should be embraced and supported?

      “not xenophobia” – trying to convince the American public that immigrants are rapists/criminals and will steal your jobs is not at least a little xenophobic?
      “A fair number are members of gangs and criminals” – really?
      “the people this POTUS was elected to serve” – primarily scared white middle to upper class people

      And your last sentence lacks compassion completely. A lot of this discussion lacks compassion. As Christians we are supposed to be compassionate (a ridiculous statement I have to make). Following Mr. Tisby’s words we need to be consistent with that compassion.

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