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Clapbacks Are A Ministry (PTM 215)

Abigail Murrish

Live from Atlanta, Jemar and Tyler discuss… clapbacks!

They share their favorite clapbacks of all time, the role clapbacks play in culture and how to move beyond the clapback to culture building.

Notable quotes from this week’s episode:

“Clapbacks are a ministry.” –Tyler Burns

“When you’re primarily reactionary, your identity is based on tearing something or someone else down instead of being constructive and productive. You’re known for what you’re against instead of what you stand for.” –Jemar Tisby

“How you respond to someone who responds to you in pain tells us a lot about your spiritual maturity.” –Tyler Burns

“We’ve got to get comfortable with tension in the church.”–Jemar Tisby

“When calling out racism and injustice, do we have something that we’re moving toward? That’s one of the things that made the Civil Rights movement so powerful – there was this movement toward the Beloved Community.” –Jemar Tisby

“As Christians, we start with God’s vision of flourishing and shalom. What Jesus left behind after His ascension was the Church. It’s simple, but not easy.”–Jemar Tisby

“The Church should be the sanctuary the Savior said it should be. When you walk into the doors of a congregation, whatever your racial or ethnic background, no matter what culture you come from, you know you have a place there.”–Jemar Tisby

“Politics is about how we deploy power.”–Jemar Tisby

“The way we deploy power in the Kingdom of God looks very different than how power is deployed in the earthly kingdom. Jesus doesn’t say: ‘Don’t talk about power.’ He says use it to serve.”–Jemar Tisby

“There are a lot of ways for Christians to be political without being partisan.”–Jemar Tisby


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