Dear Christian Leaders of Social Media,

I have been following your social media accounts for a while now. I just want to tell you I can’t begin to say how encouraged I have been by your tweets, pictures, and status updates.

Every time I check my social media, I’m constantly encouraged by how you guys push me to be more like Jesus. You all hold a variety of different positions within culture: pastors, authors, musicians, artists, or teachers, and I appreciate the way you look to encourage the general public in The Lord.

Your passion for Jesus inspires me to desire him more and more as we see the Day approaching—and for that, I am truly grateful. As I continue to read your tweets, meditate on your status updates, and view your pictures on Instagram, I tend to notice something that is very astounding…

Your life is AMAZING! Your tweets are always talking about how much you love and are growing in Jesus, and you encourage us to do the same– praise God.

You always post pictures of awesome family activities, of you loving your spouse and kids, and of the great kingdom work you’re doing. You show how much progress you make daily, and how your life continues to go from glory to glory, and the places God continues to take you.

You are soaring spiritually! You are an awesome, Jesus-loving, spouse-serving, children-disciplining, scripture-devouring, bible-believing, neighbor-serving, kingdom-working, fun-having, life is amazing 24/7/365 Christian.

As I see how awesome your relationship with the Lord and others is, I can’t help but to sit back and examine my life in comparison to yours. And I end up asking these questions:

Do you struggle like I struggle?
Do you fail like I fail?
Do you ever have doubts?
Do you ever have fears?

If you do, I can’t tell. At least, not based off of what your social media accounts  testify of your daily life.

Maybe I’m not as mature as you are spiritually. Maybe it may take me a few more years to get there. Or maybe it’s just that I’m simply not on your level quite yet.

The thing is I don’t think I ever will be. Why?

It seems I have too many daily struggles you don’t have. Sometimes I find myself being discontent with where I am in life and battling to find contentment in Jesus.

Sometimes I find myself making mistakes in friendships and relationships that I have to repent of. I find myself reminiscing on past mistakes and can struggle with doubt, fear, and loneliness. A lot of the time, my joy in Jesus is not automatic.

I find myself quoting David in Psalm 42:5-6: “Why are you cast down, o my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.” Sometimes I have to preach to myself because my heart is being pulled to believe the enemy’s lies.

So you see, I am not yet where you are: happy and struggle free. Your transparency shows me the only thing I need to be transparent about is how well I follow Jesus all of the time.

The more I see you post, the more I see how much of a spiritual giant you are. My only hope is to, one day, be half of the Christian you are.

I want to get to the place where people can look at my accounts, and also see no struggle, no discouragements, no fight to believe and obey, and no strain to kill my desires—no doubts, no failures and no fears.

I imagine what it would be like to see you guys more transparent and a little more—you know, human. But who knows? Maybe you’re all super Christians after all.

Until that day, I will continue to be watching, re-tweeting, double tapping, and clicking the thumbs up on your status updates. If these small snapshots of your life tell me anything about how you live, then boy, I have a long way to go. Until then…I’ll be watching, and I’ll be taking notes.

Your brother in Christ,

Ameen Hudson

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