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Don’t Waste Your Black History Month

black history month
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  1. Ron Mann says:

    As a brother in Christ I have to remind everyone that The United States is (and it is shifting) predominately white. Jesus was a man of color though. That most (US) Christians think Christ is white is a dominant thought from the WASP movement to the US of…white people from Europe. That we are still addressing racism, cultural or otherwise tends to be because we focus on it, revel in it and languish in it. As a white person I learned first-hand what racism was about growing up in Hawaii. There is a “Kill Howlii day” in Hawaii (it was never just one day though!). Howlii’s are white people! There is not a “kill blacks” day. Because of their abuse by the white man Hawaiians tend toward other minorities to gang up. I can’t blame them. As a young white boy though it was hard to take. Today I love the Hawaiian culture. I could easily have hated it. I moved from there after living there eight years-Dad was Navy. I will never forget that experience and never forget what it felt like to be hated for the color of my skin. Now I look at anyone today as: Do you want to make this a better world? Or languish in it because you don’t want to change your circumstance. We have now institutionalized though the payment for slavery with Equal Opportunity, the social welfare system, etc. Some of these though are based on class or income which catches people of all color. I think, personally, that ALL reference to color should be eliminated though. On everything. That way we could eliminate ALL social government programs and hand them back to the churches-where color should not be an issue. As to studying any history, it should always be an individual journey. If you want to learn about your past then look it up and study it. I was raised in the public school system (Hawaii) from 1975-1983. We learned about all US history including the writings of W.E.B. Dubois, Harriet Tubmans work, the history of national slavery and then the European slave trade in world history as it related to the US. Now, that is all shaved off in the pursuit of socialism. Socialism must eliminate our history to give us the view that benefits socialism. We are seeing that erasure almost completes today. Now, most people don’t know their own cultural history. Not my fault and not my problem on a personal level, but definitely on a national level it is an issue. Slavery ended 150 years ago. My people didn’t come to America until after slavery ended in 1877 in New Jersey I think? Anyway, my family didn’t own slaves, were slaves in all but name alone themselves. After slavery ended in the US officially. We worked our way out through hard work and education. Everyone has had the same opportunity. Ask Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and definitely Barak Obama. If you don’t pull yourself up, you cannot pull the. rest down to your level. I think from now on you must, as Christians, insert different colors for any celebration: White instead of black history month-sounds racist-so is “black history” month. NAACP? Yep. Eliminate it. All vestiges of race are held personally. Eliminate it at a personal level and move on or languish in it. By yourself! By the way, there is still slavery today! For some reason it is called the white slave trade, but it is mostly white people suffering in it. Shouldn’t we be fighting that and using the stain of African slavery to end that as well? Or do we need it to “suffer” for our forefathers past? Feeling “bad” about something is a personal choice. Change your life and pray for salvation.

    1. Iris Whitley says:

      Ron Mann, your view is typical of society.

  2. shannon says:

    Humbled! I never considered many of the points you make. As I consider them, I realize how truthful these statements are. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you Mr Davis for this article. More importantly I think you for being a Watchman on the wall during this time in our history and Country.

    I also thank you for being in the classroom shaping Minds, hearts and saving Souls. If your students one of which is my son takes the heart when you have written here today the body of Christ will be a better place when the Next Generation Rises up and Leads.

    I am so glad my son is in your class!!!!

  4. Iris Whitley says:

    Well said!

  5. Kara says:

    Thank you, Mr Davis, for a thorough piece. Your suggestions are very helpful. May by world truly know we are Christians by our love.

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