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In our culture, most millennials I meet don’t cringe at the word pornography. The acceptance of pornography both knowingly and unknowingly is found in what we watch, listen to, and support. Christians are not immune to the effects of pornography simply on the basis of knowing the truth. As I observe pornography statistics, I can’t help to think the research excludes a population who is often too ashamed to admit their addiction.

I was exposed to pornography at the age of 12. Christ saved me at the age of 18, and at my conversion, the desire to look for pleasure in moments of fleeting pictures had incredibly diminished. I was, however, unaware of sin’s implications that still followed.

I also found that pornography was not discussed in my circles. We discussed waiting for marriage and pursuing purity. While those are incredibly important topics, I often found no way to introduce struggle with pornography. I’m afraid that my story is not unlike many women in our Christian culture today, secretly entangled and undoubtedly addicted.

The list below is some of the lies that pornography tempted me to believe. These are a compilation of my own conversations and conversations with the women in my life who have also struggled.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I fear we have been far too apathetic about the crisis of pornography in the lives of women. In our culture, there are several traps that seek to eclipse pornography by calling it romance. I assure you the content that we allow our hearts and minds to watch is far from true love. It’s a counterfeit, seeking to kill us from the inside out.

I Can Control My Consumption

Lust creates an insatiable appetite, and while one thinks that they can contain their exposure, the reality is that our heart will set out on a journey to fill our minds with more. Passion in and of itself is not the issue. The problem is the object our passion is directed towards. If our passions are not aligned with Christ as our satisfaction, then we are left desperately clawing away at counterfeits.

The lack of desire for accountability lends oneself to deeper and darker sin. To believe that we have any sin under control, apart from constant help from the Holy Spirit is not only foolishness but is unbiblical. Pornography ruins self-control. It tells us we can act immediately and be satisfied by lust with no consequences. Pornography craves instant satisfaction, not eternal joy.

I Only Watch  Or Read  When I’m Tired

Making excuses and rationalizing sin doesn’t diminish it. While there are several factors that contribute to viewing pornography, factors do not take away one’s responsibility before God.

I Am Alone 

I assure you that in your struggle against pornography, you are not alone. God knows everything and sees everything you do; there is nothing hidden from his sight. That should be sobering and hopeful news. The living and active Word convicts and comforts the weary soul. We have a high priest who is aware and sympathizes with our weaknesses. He is the very source of help and refuge needed to resist and overcome sexual sin (Heb. 4:12-16).

My fight against pornography has been long, and I can say almost ten years later, the Lord has restored my mind in ways I never dreamed. I have tasted his forgiveness and seen his sufficient power in my moments of weakness.

Friends, I assure you that it is a battle that can be won, but it must be fought. Come and drink out of a cistern that is ever flowing with no end in sight! Come humbly, knowing that God cares and the Truth of the Gospel saves! How can I glory in that which put my Savior on the Cross? How can I celebrate that which God hates?

If you are struggling with pornography, pray to God who is able to reveal the deepest depths of our sin, and in the same breath, give forgiveness that allows the believer to be free in him. He is our Sustainer. He is our sympathetic high priest that promises to answer when we humbly call out.

What are some ways that you make provision for the flesh? Is it books, fantasy, or the screen?

Have you been able to pray and reach out to someone in your congregation that would be able to pray with you, study the Word with you, and keep you accountable?

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