Embracing Our Ethnicity to the Glory of God

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  1. Jalen Wallace says:

    Powerful Testimony bro. Great read. Definitely, challenged me in some areas.

  2. NathanaelStrickland says:

    Our race and ethnicity, like all parts of our identity, is a gift of God which we should be grateful for and seek to use for His glory. Would you not agree that part of this gratitude should be seeking to preserve our racial group by only picking marriage partners from within it?

    1. Lauren Mullen says:

      No, it should not. And you should not be making disgusting comments like that on an article like this – such remarks are not glorifying to God in the least.

      1. NathanaelStrickland says:

        Why do you have such hatred for the racial groups God created?


      2. Lauren Mullen says:

        Don’t put words into my mouth, you fleece-coated wolf. Read my comment and read it again – I never said that I have hatred for the racial groups God created. You do not impress me. I have seen your kind a million times over: black, white, Mexican, Asian, they come in all colors. Spewing endless statistics and footnotes and studies in a desperate attempt to justify their thinking. Proverbs 10:19: “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.”

      3. NathanaelStrickland says:

        lol, the fact that the only response you have to a simple question regarding the logical application of this article is mindless rage and endless ad hominems tells me everything I need to know.

      4. Lauren Mullen says:

        Prov 18:2: “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”

  3. Shalonda Shalom Granger says:

    Ameen, thank you for writing this article! There is a very true biblical basis for embracing one’s own ethnic identity and the ethnic identity of others. Thank you for sharing some of those biblical foundations. I also appreciate you sharing a little of your own journey and struggle with this. I’ve come along way from a distorted view of Christianity and an embracing of black liberation theology…which in my own experience was rooted in the dislike/hate of certain types of white people and in my own ethnocentrism.

    I think the battle is to find a God glorifying balance. Too many of us Christians are apathetic to our own ethnicity. Too many of us Christians are too ethnocentric and hold our ethnicity above other ethnicity. Worse than that is that we set a standard of how all ethnicities should behave based off of our own ethnicity and unfairly judge others. We fail to see the beauty of how God has uniquely created people within our ethnicity and the people within each ethnicity.

  4. george canady says:

    Thank you for this; this candor of your journey to understanding. It is helpful to read and learn more of the individuals story. For me, It is sometimes hard to get past a life time of information filled with “them” stereotypes. Some of us are tuned in, please keep talking.

  5. Becca Stanley says:

    Awesome article, valid point and incredibly and intellectually written, great job ‘Meen!!!

  6. Tyshan Broden says:

    This is weird for me to read. It is very good but I have zero understanding of it. Maybe because I feel that the Lord has called me to be apart of reaching my race for Christ (especially in the inner city where my face is rarely seen as a form of help) and it surprises me that someone doesnt feel the same tug.

  7. Quina Parchment says:

    Love this! Great job, Ameen!

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