Undressing Jezebel: The Sexploitation of the Black Woman

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  1. Eric says:

    “With such a high-demand for thicker, promiscuous and more sexually willing woman, it only makes sense that many black women must compromise their morals and values in order to survive.”

    I think this statement goes a step too far. Black women are as fully human as anyone, and as such are moral agents. There is no situation in which black women “must compromise their morals”. Now, I agree that there will be pressure for them to compromise, but to paint them as helpless and unable to act as moral agents dehumanizes them and removes their own culpability. There is no need to go to that length to decry a wicked culture.

  2. Daniel Mills says:

    One of the issues that we’re facing on social media is that some sisters have embraced this brazen sexuality and would balk at any attempt to discuss these matters with them as “Slut shaming”. They see no problem. his can be seen with social media campaigns like #archthatbackchallenge.
    This must be addressed. Right now they are a small but very vocal minority. 4 years from now, with the way our society has rapidly shifted on key social issues, who knows.

  3. Thank you Hafeez for writing this. It’s bold, sharp, and truthful!

  4. Tyshan Broden says:

    This is great. This week at VBS we discussed this very topic from the view of the sexploided slave Sara Bartman. If u haven’t heard her story look it up on YouTube it is super tragic.

  5. Ronaé says:

    Thank you Hafeez! At the moment all I can say is thank you….sharing this!

  6. bbnks says:

    Does anyone have any ideas on how we can aggressively fight against this stereotype? What about a Twitter campaign? The hashtag #NotYourAsianSidekick, while secular seems to have had some positive impact for Asian American women. Does anyone know of any Gospel-focused blogs dedicated to this issue?

    Ladies, how would you say your Reformed brothers can assist with fighting this stereotype?

  7. Olayemi says:

    This message is very needed in the world we live in today. Let’s spread the word.

  8. Ricky Jenkins says:

    POWERFUL. Thank you

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