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The Four Questions of Christian Education

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  1. Delonte Harrod says:

    Pretty good

  2. Garland Dunlap says:

    “But unless those individuals have had the benefit of quality catechesis,
    at home or from the church, my experience has been that they tend to
    bifurcate faith from work instead of integrating them.”

    Sadly, I see the same in the Bible College-trained folks as well. We have a bad theology of revelation (the doctrine, not the book) that affects our praxis.

  3. george canady says:

    Thank you Dr. Bradley for your thoughts. I am learning. One question that has increasingly invaded my conscience lately in the school debates are: who gets left behind in the public schools and what do Christians take with them when we leave? If I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself surely that means my neighbors children as if they were mine. Who is my neighbor? I’m sure some would say that God’s means is save who we can now, and we will come back later to rescue the ones left behind. I’m sure my view is filled with a prejudice though. Any thoughts?

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