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How the Gospel Drives us to Confront the New Puerto Rican Struggle

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  1. Jeff says:

    The rich history of Puerto Rico must remain intact, and its culture celebrated. But moving forward, both Puerto Rico and the United States MUST make some significant changes. Chief among those changes is that the United States must change the status of PR. PR is currently a commonwealth/territory, which means it has most of the disadvantages of being part of the USA, but very few of the advantages. That has to change, whether it means becoming the 51st state (the better option), or being cut loose to become its own sovereign nation (the less desirable option). But the people of PR have got to be willing to cooperate and participate in this process – which will include many basic infrastructure changes. Whether either “party” is willing to make these changes or not, remains to be seen.

    1. Antonio Rivera says:

      Jeff – I’m inclined to agree with you. From my perspective on the mainland, as a child of Puerto Rican parents, statehood and independence are the only viable options.

      The recent plebiscite held by Governor Rossello (and the response to it in Puerto Rico) show that most Puerto Ricans want an option that is neither statehood nor independence. (The very low turnout represented a refusal to select between statehood and independence, not apathy.)

      Talking about this issue in terms of what the U.S. must do (as opposed to what the residents of the island actually want for their future) seems like a colonial approach.

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