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H.B. Charles Jr. says “Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!”

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Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. challenges the “office” of Armor Bearer in a recent article. He writes:

He picked me up from the airport. We headed straight to the church.

I wanted to look over my manuscript once more before I preached. But I took a few minutes to chat with my driver.

I asked my standard questions, including, “Where do you serve in the church?”

“I’m pastor’s chief armor bearer,” he said proudly.

I summoned all the self-control I could muster. But I couldn’t resist. I had to ask. “What does that mean?”

He explained the various ways he serves his pastor. “I am basically pastor’s right-hand man,” he concluded.

I changed the subject.

But there was another question I wanted to ask: “You do know that armor bearer is not a biblical church office, don’t you?”

This time, self-control prevailed. Thankfully.

I read Terry Nance’s book, God’s Armor Bearers, when it was first published some years ago. I found it interesting. Then I forgot it. I never expected it would get so much traction. Yet there is a now a movement of “armor bearers.” And I am not sure it’s a good thing.

Let me clear. It is good for men to have hearts and hands to serve in the church. And it is good when men are willing to serve their pastor. Every man should have another man in his life that he submits to. But I wonder if all this “armor bearer” stuff is taking things too far.

Christians are commanded to honor their pastors. At the same time, however, pastors are commanded to be servant-leaders, not celebrities.

  • Do you really need security with earpieces to protect you from interaction with your congregation?
  • Do you really need someone to carry your Bible, manuscript, and anointed handkerchief to the pulpit for you before you preach?
  • Do you really need the men in your church who have a servant’s heart to be used as your chauffeurs and butlers?

But there is a bigger question: You do know armor bearer is not a biblical church office, don’t you?

You can read the rest here.

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3 thoughts on “H.B. Charles Jr. says “Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!”

  1. Heidi

    There is also a huge teaching on wives being the amour bearer for her husband.

  2. Terry

    It’s shocking how long this lie has been perpetuated…Another distorted OT concept misused by the pulpit to exalt the “man of God.” It’s refreshing to see it addressed.

  3. pduggie

    Traditionally, the assistants to the pastors are the DEACONS.

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