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Holocaust Remembrance Day & Christian Forgetfulness

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  1. Tony says:

    Well said Curt!

  2. Kyle Bapo Roque says:

    I hear and feel your heart towards the situation at hand. As I live in NC now, I and others are pondering what options should was a nation to take. I do recognize from there has been a surge of desire for this country to be more than what is intended to be. I love the United States and as i have traveled far and wide to see the creation God had allowed to be cultivated, from sites and culture. This has always allowed me to appreciate more being an American. But I have noticed how the Kingdom of USA has grown more internally and externally played out, has become the hope that all Christians in the west should have. but the truth is that the America we live in is not the hope we should stand, so as we do reflect the time of the Holocaust and the effects of the Syrian Civil War. We need to be asking how can we bring forth the kingdom of God more than protecting the the nation of USA. This is where i have a struggle with this issue. I wish we had a clear answer in former years and today. But as i stand, my eyes are on the Lord.
    On a side note, Mr. Tony. I am originally from Miami and your name sounds very familiar, did you attend IBB?

    1. Tony says:

      Thanks for your reply and for understanding. I think we have a pretty clear example from Jesus as to how we should live and respond in these situations, but it’s much easier said then done. We also have a tendency to complicate things (at least I know I do).

      I did attend IBB and I do remember you and Ashley. I hope you all are doing well!

  3. Curt Day says:

    I find it is easy to understand why some American Christians welcome the ban of refugees from certain Muslim nations. Btw, we should note that some of the Muslim nations not affected by the ban were nations from which terrorists who have attacked the US come.

    Why is it easy to understand the support some American Christians have given the ban? It is because I understand that all of us who belong to Christ have competing loyalties from the other groups. In this case, the loyalty some Christian Americans feel toward certain groups like our nation outweigh their loyalty to Christ. The result of that excessive loyalty to those other groups is that the concerns of those groups have become more important to those American Christians than the concerns people should have as Christians. And if we are honest, we will admit that all of us struggle with having a loyalty to other groups which cause us to compromise our commitment to Christ.

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