Jemar Tisby named CEO of The Witness Incorporated

The Witness

We are privileged to announce that Jemar Tisby will be serving as founder and CEO of The Witness Incorporated, the 501c3 organization that is the parent company for The Witness Foundation and The Witness Black Christian Collective. Tisby, a historian and author of the Best-selling book The Color of Compromise, founded The Witness Black Christian Collective (then known as the Reformed African American Network or RAAN) in 2012. The Witness BCC has gone on to become a leading voice for Black Christians seeking racial justice.

In 2019, Tisby founded The Witness Foundation, a philanthropic organization that seeks to identify, train, and fund the next generation of Black Christian leaders. The centerpiece of the Witness Foundation is its newly-developed Fellowship program that will award five Fellows with $50,000 annually for the two-year fellowship.

As CEO of The Witness Inc., Jemar will give visionary leadership and oversight to both subsidiary organizations. The Witness Inc. exists to support The Witness Black Christian Collective and The Witness Foundation in their respective missions under a unified vision for the elevation and liberation of Black Christians.

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  1. Yukiko Flennaugh

    Thank you for your work. I think and ponder over your podcast, Color of Compromise book and Amazon episodes on a daily basis.

    I’m in a unique situation to help white Christians because I’m half white and half Japanese and my husband is black, and both of our kids identify as black.

    You have inspired me. I’ve been leading four separate groups (of white Christian women) wanting to understand and learn a different perspective. I appreciate you so much! I’m thoroughly enjoying the conversations sparkled because of the history you have taught us.

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