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King Jesus: Revealed But Misunderstood

Kelvin Washington

The most important question any of us will ever ask ourselves after reading Matthew 21:1-11 is: Who is this? We define how we view the world and the people in it by this one simple question, yet it has left many puzzled and separated from the Father for eternity. This question stems from the cries of the Jewish people as Jesus entered into Jerusalem.

King Jesus is: Revealed
Matthew 21:1-11 is known as “The Triumphant Entry of Jesus.” When we begin to study and reflect on this passage, we are mesmerized by Christ’s humility as he enters the city. Prior to this, Christ foreshadowed the moment he would enter into the city to be handed over to the governing authorities. He knew the Jewish people would encourage his persecution. The book of Matthew shows three distinct moments in where Jesus informs his disciples that this day would come (Chapters 16, 17, and 20).

This pivotal day in redemptive history was King Jesus’ “red carpet moment.” This was the day he revealed himself to his followers and the Israelites as King. Throughout the narrative of Scripture, the Jewish people wanted, desired and even demanded for a king to lead them. Even though God intended to provide the perfect King for them, his time had not yet come.

So, men like Saul and David led the Israelites, but failed to lead as the true king because they lacked perfection, which could only come from God himself. The king Israel yearned for was coming, but most misunderstood who he was.

King Jesus is: The King You’ve Been Searching For
Yet God would still provide for his people by presenting to them a King far greater then they ever imagined. Israel wanted a noble warrior king to lead them into battles and come out victorious. They envisioned their king coming into the city on a horse seeking to conquer their enemies. Christ came in contrast to Israel’s expectations for a king; instead of a warhorse, he declared his Kingship on a lowly donkey.

We need to consider ourselves in this. What type of king have we been looking for? Do we already have a rooted idea or a perception of how a king should act? Or it could be the exact opposite. We may be seeking to be the ruler of our lives and think we don’t need a king. Thankfully, nothing could stop God’s plan in King Jesus.

King Jesus is: Here to Stay
Israel’s King had finally arrived in a timely fashion, making a definitive statement, the moment he proceeded into the city. The people who had been following Christ started singing praises to Yahweh for providing the Son that came bearing his name. Despite their songs of praise, they still misunderstood who Christ was. The same people praised him on Sunday and chanted, “Crucify Him!” on Friday. They struggled to identify: Who is this?

So the question they asked seems to be applicable to us today as well. Who is this? Is he like every other king the world has ever encountered, or is he the perfect and eternal King? Is he a king who is only fit for battle, or is he the King that was raised from the dead and beat death?

Is he a king who only made an impact for a few years, or is he the King who caused a spiritual earthquake that still draws souls to the Father today? Who is King Jesus? This question defines who we are and who we want to be. If we have answered this question correctly, then our lives will be altered in a way so that only the Father gets the glory.

When someone responds to the question correctly, they don’t see Jesus just as another man that walked on the earth. They see him as the majestic King that came and dwelt among his people, ultimately to sacrifice himself on the Cross. In response to King Jesus, his people submit themselves to his rule and reign. This means they join Christ in his mission to glorify the Father.

When Jesus is King of your life, you are seeking to be an ambassador for him. This means you aren’t living for yourself anymore, but you are seeking to do whatever it takes to please him. Your desires begin to turn into the his desires through the work of the Holy Spirit.

King Jesus is a just and righteous King worth being served, and nothing can compare to Him. We should be thankful we serve a Holy King, one that will never be taken off his throne.

Don’t miss out on King Jesus and His will for His people because there is nothing sweeter then it. Submitting to King Jesus means it’s not about us anymore, but all about him.  We can only serve one master, my hope is King Jesus will reign in our lives.

King Jesus was on a mission when he entered into Jerusalem that day, to fulfill his plan of redemption. We reap the benefits of this story, so that we can live in relationship with the Father and find our hope in him alone.

The only way to find hope and satisfaction is by the way you answer one influential question, the question, which I guarantee, will change your life forever: Who is this?

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