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PTM: Leave Loud–It’s time to go, family

The Witness

Welp…Black History Month is wildin once again…As much as we try to stay away from talking about every instance of racism, we couldn’t let this one slide. 

A few days ago, a viciously racist letter that was sent Pastor Dwight McKissic became public. Shortly after it was shared for the world to see, the letter went viral, exposing many Black Christians to familiar, triggering racist language about our identity. It would be easy to ignore this but we want to talk about what’s beneath the surface. 

Tyler is joined by Witness BCC Vice President and Coming the Roots Host Ally Henny to talk about what is beneath the surface of racism like this. This conversation speaks, of course, to Black Chirstians, but also to  White Christians who refuse to see how common these thoughts truly are. You don’t want to miss this one.