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Lessons from the “Mother City” of Cape Town (PTM 226)

Abigail Murrish

Jemar and Tyler talk about Tyler’s recent trip to South Africa with The Justice Conference. Listen in as we talk about 5 things Tyler learned/re-learned from his time.

They talk about all the things: travel, personal identity, decolonized worship, justice and the Kingdom of God. You just have to drink it all in! Don’t forget to check out our friends in Cape Town and their wonderful ministries there!

Ministries mentioned in today’s episode:

Isiphambano Center for Biblical Justice

Julle Mense

Quotes from today’s show: 

Tyler Burns: “Travel isn’t about consuming; it’s about learning… it’s about having our paradigms shifted.”

Tyler Burns: “A lot times, American travelers go overseas and consume other people’s culture to boost our resume… we use them to make us look better.”

Jemar Tisby: “When we travel, are we awed by the beauty and diversity of another culture, which is a celebration of them? Or are we enamored with the fact that we get to travel and we can tell people about it, which is fundamentally about us?”

Tyler Burns: “Worship in America needs to be de-colonized.”

Jemar Tisby: “We have so much to learn from the church that is actually living on the edge.”

Tyler Burns: “The American dream has numbed us… [We’ve lost] the radical implications of the Gospel.”

Tyler Burns: “The Gospel isn’t you do an act of charity a year and pat yourself on the back… the Gospel is incarnational.”

Jemar Tisby: “Justice requires two things: prophetic distance and priestly proximity.”


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