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Letter from Birmingham Jail

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Happy MLK Day! In honor of the famed civil rights icon who is often whitewashed, often sanitized, often vilified; we have a special treat for you. On April 16, 1963, Dr. King wrote a lengthy letter to a coalition of white clergymen from a narrow jail cell in Birmingham, after being arrested by the police for nonviolent direct action. What he wrote eventually became one of the greatest pieces of writing every penned in English.

For today’s episode, our Host Tyler Burns reads the entire speech for you. If you’ve never heard it read audibly, here is your chance! Gather your family around, put this episode on during your daily commute or workout, and hear the powerful words/arguments of Dr. King. 

Also! By request of one of our listeners, we will be doing a review of the polarizing Pixar film “Soul”. But…we need your help. We want to have a conversation with YOU. If you’re Black and you have strong feelings (positive or negative), questions, or comments about Soul, we want to hear from you! We want you to send us an audio recording of your thoughts. Here are the details:

  1. Share your first name
  2. Share where you’re listening from (as much as you feel comfortable)
  3. Share your opinion!
  4. Keep it at 30-45 seconds 
  5. Email it to with the subject line “PTM Soul Review”

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  1. Erika


    Thank you for reading the Letter from a Birmingham Jail. I know that this podcast, and the Witness in general, is made for Black audiences. However, I’m so grateful that it’s public and that I as a 42 year old white woman, can listen and learn from you, Jemar and your colleagues. I’ve been a faithful follower for a couple of years, now. I’ve learned so much from you all and you’ve shaped my perspective significantly during that time.

    When I listened to this letter I was struck by how much of it was so applicable to today. The way you and Jemar weave historical perspective into today’s climate is eye opening and necessary for all to hear. Prophetic truth will ring true throughout decades. Thank you for pointing us to Truth. I am listening. I am seeking to influence my sphere.

    With much respect and gratitude,

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