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by Phillip Holmes, Co-Founder of RAAN

After watching the video below, it occurred to me that our country is in a frightening state. The media continues to report on and victimize the LGBTQs by making them the top story or putting them on the front page, not because they’re getting tortured, beaten, killed, or persecuted, but because they don’t have the “right” to get married.

Yet, media outlets for nearly two years failed to cover the story of a man and monster who illegally aborted babies, in some of the most inhumane environments,  and took advantage of women, all while making himself a millionaire.

The video below describes in detail what transpired in the clinic. As I watched, I could not help but compare the LGBTQs “struggle” that our media outlets think is newsworthy to the millions of endangered babies being slaughtered daily, yet, no one thinks it is worth reporting.

The reality is that we live in a country that believes it’s a civil right for 2 people of the same gender to marry but not a civil right to live just because you’re still in your mother’s womb. Our media and the powers at be believe this so much that they failed to make the public aware of a monster that has illegally killed thousands of babies and made millions by doing so. The saddest part for me is that he targeted African American and other minority women, often practicing on them in the worst conditions.


In times like these, we need prayer, supplications, and intercessions more than ever (1 Timothy 2:1).

Let us pray for his victims. Pray that the Lord would comfort them and give them peace through the Gospel and those who are not convicted would be confronted with the Gospel.

Pray for our country. Pray that the Lord would be gracious and spark a revival, opening the eyes of the blind with the Gospel.

Pray for the Church. Pray that we would speak for those unable to speak and defend the defenseless. Pray that we would love the LGBTQ community radically while at the same time standing firm in our biblical convictions that their sin is sin and like all sin, needs to be repented of.

Pray for the the LGBTQ community. Pray that the Lord would pierce their hard hearts with the Gospel, that even they would fight for the true victims in this country, the unborn.

Finally, pray for Kermit Gosnell. Yes, pray for him. Pray that the hound of heaven would chase him down, that he would plead guilty, repent of his horrific sins, and taste and savor the goodness of our great God.

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