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The Maturation of Hip-Hop

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  1. Steve Messam says:

    Great article. I have been wrestling with my love for CHH and my passion to reach the unchurched of my generation. I have a pastor (actually two pastors; husband and wife) who is constantly pouring into me. I know the importance of being under spiritual covering of a Shepard, submitting to spiritual authority (authority in general). This is a hard for many of my generation, submitting to authority and church authority isn’t excluded. My goal is to create a ministry that will use Hip Hop as the medium to share Jesus to my generation and stressing the importance of joining a local church with a pastor to speak life in their lives!

    1. MarkSingleton says:

      We do struggle with authority. You’re right. Sounds awesome that you’re wanting to use Hip Hop to reach others with the good news of Christ. Keep it up!

  2. Anthony Darrell says:

    The line of thought presented in this is so vital, and I appreciate your writing on it.

    1. MarkSingleton says:

      Thanks tons!

  3. Justin - Crucifix & Politics says:

    “For the urban, hip-hop head who listens to Piper, Pac, and Poetry…” Nice!

    Having a pastor in your life is key.

    1. MarkSingleton says:

      Thx for the love. I liked that line as well and thought many of us could relate. Thx man.

  4. Carlos Miller says:

    An enjoyable article to read. The title caught my attention but I didn’t expect the spin that you put on it. Nice.

    1. MarkSingleton says:

      Thx tons. Glad u enjoyed it!

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