The Missing Piece in American International Missions

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  1. Ross Meyer says:

    Such a timely article that’s both discouraging and encouraging. My wife and I are missionaries, and we were just talking 2 weeks ago about minority representation on the field. My thoughts then were just to recognize how difficult the support raising process is, and how much we have had to depend on the resources of friends and family during this time of transition. I can imagine how much harder this would have been if we didn’t know that we could fall back on their material support. If, speaking generally, minority communities have comparatively less access to those resources, just the process of raising support alone would be overly prohibitive.

    Thank you for the vision of the power of diversity in reflecting the kingdom of God in our witness. I hope to reflect that as we continue to recruit others to serve in our context.

  2. Bruce A. McDowell says:

    This article is right on! This is an area in which the American church needs to be awakened. I know that Mission to the World (PCA) is now working hard to recruit minority missionary partners.

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