Welcome to our new online resource called The Network. It’s made up of three basic components: Job Board, Church Directory and Ask the Network. We created The Network to help our readers connect with other believers who are passionate about the God’s glory, discipleship, the Reformed faith and black believers engaging the global church.

Job Board

The Job Board is a resource for our readers who are looking for jobs and for organizations with job openings. Reformed churches, schools and other non-profits looking for blacks or other believers with a particular interest in serving in black, urban or multi-ethnic settings can post job openings here. And our readers can use this resource to search for job openings.

Church Directory

The Church Directory is a tool for our readers who are looking for churches targeting multi-ethnic or the black context and want to publicly align themselves with the mission, vision and confession of the Reformed African American Network. We invite churches within this realm to join the Church Directory.

Ask the Network

Ask the Network is a place for our readers to ask questions that will be addressed via blog, video or podcast (Pass the Mic). As a network, one of our main objectives is addressing core concerns of blacks in America and offering perspective to the global church. In order to effectively do this, we want to intentionally seek out your questions and topics.