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Editors Note: I chose to use this headline because I thought strong language was appropriate considering the seriousness of what is taking place overseas to our brothers and sisters. I think the phrase “n*gger of the global world” appropriately provides a helpful (though not perfect) visual to the suffering, dehumanization and overall treatment of many Christians in the east. Also the Karen uses this phrase from a quote in her article over at The Front Porch. – Phillip Holmes, Co-founder

Jemar & Phillip sit down with Carl and Karen Ellis to discuss the persecution of the global church, how their condition parallels with the historical plight of Blacks in America and the unique calling to Blacks in the mission field.

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[Tweet “African Americans have a special window into the sufferings of the global church. – KE”]

[Tweet “God has given us as AA Christians a story that the world wants to hear. – CE”]

[Tweet “The congregation was told to stay in the church and burn or come out and be shot. – KE”]

[Tweet “KKK tactics are being used against Christians abroad. – KE”]

[Tweet “When we face death, theological differences get put on hold. – CE”]

[Tweet “We are an global body of Christ and when one part of the body hurts, we should all feel pain.”]

[Tweet “Right now we have the luxury to divide (over theological differences). – KE”]

[Tweet “No system of doctrine…can completely contain what the scripture says, except for the scriptures.”]

[Tweet “We have to recognize how our enemy views us. – CE”]

[Tweet “Its too easy to share the info of Christians suffering for Christ, and yet the media is silent.”]

[Tweet “Christians need to see things through a different lens. – CE”]

[Tweet “Don’t think of the persecuted Christians as victims, they have entered into the suffering of Christ.”]

[Tweet “It pains me that Christians tend to be such low information voters. – KE”]

[Tweet “Prayers don’t know boarders…they can go where we can’t. – KE”]

[Tweet “The mainstream media will report things in a sanitized way if they report at all. – CE”]

[Tweet “The mainstream media is ABC ‘anybody but Christians’. – CE”]

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