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Persecution in the Global World: An Interview with Carl and Karen Ellis

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  1. Asiyah says:

    Wow…I am blown away by the depth of this interview. I think I need to take another listen. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. george canady says:

    I think even Paul used a vulgar term to describe something in a way that his audience would understand as equivocation. Some have had a problem with the cultural equivalent of the word dung. I don’t think R. C. Sproul is confused on what Paul meant. I liked the straight forwardness of Pastor T. also when describing the act of homosexual sex. I guess you were already thinking of the heat you would take anyway? Join the crowd. I think its a good one. All things in context.

    1. Thanks for the wise words brother! Helpful thoughts.

  3. Tamika May says:

    I am taken back by the title of this interview. What is the reasoning behind using it ?

    1. Hey Tamika,

      Thanks so much for asking and for reading the content.

      I chose to use this headline because I thought strong language was appropriate considering the seriousness of what is taking place overseas to our brothers and sisters. I think the phrase “n*gger of the global world” appropriately provides a helpful visual to the suffering, dehumanization and overall treatment of many Christians in the east.

      Also the Karen use this phrase from a quote in her article over at the Front Porch (

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