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The NMAAHC and the Risk of Rightly Remembering the Past

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  1. Mark Mollenkof says:

    Thanks Jemar. This is a thought provoking article. I agree that historians who reveal the truth of our history are needed and have to persevere in that endeavor. As Christians, white or of color we should want and certainly need to embrace the truth of our past no matter how painful. I also find Mr. Canady’s response to be spot on.

  2. george canady says:

    If the true Church opened up a black Christian history museum dedicated to the truth of how the white true Church has treated black true Christians through out American history with pictures, names and dates I suppose it would not look much different than American secular history.

    A true church historian should expose the shame of its leaders and put it on display somewhere with names and dates and pictures, not to discredit all of the message from those who sinned, for then none of us could speak, but to warn of the dangers of following too close Christian men who have the power to create a separate government and circle of influence to isolate themselves from the chapter 13 power that God gave the secular government to stop the church when it is behaving in an evil way.

    A true church historian knows that danger is near when Christians begin to long more to be the government than to influence it.

    I was telling my wife this morning how one of the greatest disappointments in Christianity is to expect something in time that God intends to fulfill in eternity. That is what makes the promise of the prosperity gospel so wrong and dangerous.

    But for the black man and woman and child, White Christians have intentionally kept the promise of Gods’ full inclusion into the American Bride of Christ an unfulfilled promise in time. What a disappointment it is to be rejected by those who are to show no partiality. I can’t imagine the pain.

    A true Christian museum made by Christian truth tellers would make that clear to our shame.

    May God help us make it right. Praying for us now.

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