I Am Not Your Negro: Film Review

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  1. Curt Day says:

    I think that the movie is an important movie to share simply because we need to listen, especially when that listening iinvolves listening to others. I know that I as well as many of my fellow white believers need to listen to Blacks talk about their experiences both past and present if we are to learn about racism. For without that listening, we will easily indulge our consciences in the self-comforting belief that racism is in the past only. And that is one belief that must be challenged daily.

    1. Chris-Ann says:

      Thank you Curt for this!


  2. Gary says:

    Who are “the oppressors?” You are not being oppressed by anyone in North America in 2017.

    1. Chris-Ann says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your question and desire for clarification. Oppressors in the piece refers to those who intentionally seek to marginalize or intentionally support those seeking to do so (through passivity), particularly in the area of cultural and ethnic hostility. The term in itself was not specific for this reason: to acknowledge that not everyone fits under that category but acknowledge the presence of those who do as well.

      I hope that was helpful!


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