Open Letter to LifeWay

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  1. DCal3000 says:

    Is it not also possible that some of those offended by the album might have been women who faced abuse from the men in their lives and who objected to having to hear about men thinking with their genitals? Yet Mr. Sciacca wants to strip the anonymity from any vulnerable person who complained about the lyrics. “Honestly, I’d love to know who those people are,” he says.

    Possibly, Lifeway may have been legalistic and inconsistent in banning the album in question, but surely ministry in the modern world is about more than how well men wield their manhoods in song. Lifeway should not be judged too harshly here, lest such judgment itself be seen as insensitive and narrow-minded.

    1. Ron says:

      It is one word in one song at the end of the album. He is talking about his sinful past. He is not bragging about his sexual prowess. It was a ridiculous decision by LifeWay. They sell tons of prosperity garbage. They even sell books on sexual intimacy for married couples that use the “p” word. Yet they pull this album for using the anatomical description of the male reproductive organ in an appropriate context. They should be heavily criticized.

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