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Our Top 10 Articles of 2019

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10. Open Letter to my Married Friends

“Your marital status on earth has changed, but while you have gone from being single to married, you are still single-mindedly devoted to the service of the Lord’s people. I want to remind you that spiritually, your marital status remains the same; God is your husband with a capital “H” and you continue to be a member of the body of his bride.”


9. What the Crack Epidemic and Opioid Crisis Tells Us About Race in America

“The most striking difference is President Trump’s pledge to build a temporary memorial to opioid abuse victims. The government has recognized how opioids have hurt many communities and is rightfully responding with the utmost compassion.

These same measures weren’t taken for the black and brown bodies ravaged by crack.”


8. Black Religious Okie Doke – Myth #2: Problems with the King James Bible

“Today, the King James Version of the Bible reigns over all other translations and is still is the most popular Bible sold. And that number skews higher in Black communities.”




7. Maintaining the Unity of the Spirit

“Paul calls for Christians to bear with one another in love. This is a revolutionary statement. It goes against the grain of Western thought and rugged American individualism. The apostle is urging the people of God to resist the inclination to insulate themselves from the suffering around them. This is a plea for Christ-like solidarity in which we endure difficulty, not just for ourselves but also for the sake of others.”


6. Confronting Pharaoh: Why We Won’t Go Quietly


“I am making the case that God did not just defeat Pharaoh, but he also dealt with the structure of Egypt itself. After the exodus, Egypt was left in a weaker state. My point is that if/when we leave, we are not leaving empty-handed. Our exit needs to be felt deeply and I am not speaking of carnal vengeance.”



5. The Mask of Multicultural Churches

“Large groups of Black Christians are encouraged to sit under white pastors, but the reverse rarely happens. This disparity has now left many Black churches in numerical decline. Multicultural churches draw social elites from various marginalized mono-ethnic congregations. This drains Black churches of the human and economic capital necessary for survival.”



4. Five Reasons You Should Celebrate Black History Month

“Black History Month has been the subject of criticism from both Blacks and people of other races. Some argue it is unfair to devote an entire month to a single people group. Others contend that we should celebrate Black history throughout the entire year. Setting aside only one month, they say, gives people license to neglect this past for the other 11 months.”




3. Keep that Same Energy: African Methodists and the Whole Black Testimony

“Christians of color are not weapons in a war between white conservative and white liberal Christians. Theologians of color are just that — theologians who can reason and learn for themselves. Listening to black voices involves learning that black theology, in its ecclesial form, is multifaceted.



2. Theological Works by Black Theologians, Pastors and Scholars

“After several inquiries and internal discussion, The Witness wanted to provide a list of works by black theologians, pastors, teachers, and scholars. This list is not comprehensive but serves as a primer. Within these works, you will find a diversity of theological tradition and thought. While The Witness does not espouse every position represented in these books, we still believe that interaction with them will be enriching nonetheless.”

1. Blessed and Highly Favored: Empty Slogan or Spiritual Reality?

“There is a common and dangerous error in which some believe that the statement ‘blessed and highly favored’ can be made true simply by repeating it. The logic seems to be that if it is said enough, it will become a reality. It teaches that we can will ourselves into the blessings of God. This is false because it makes human effort the foundation of God’s blessings instead of the person and the work of Jesus Christ.”


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