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The Noise of Your Songs

Joel Brown

The white nationalism cloaked in self-righteous Jesus worship absent Christ-likeness has been enthroned as the state religion in America yet corrupting many expressions of Christianity beyond her shores and is such a telling indictment. So many of the Christian voices I’d come to love and respect have become loudly complicit in this dangerous religious circus and Jesus cult that many are growing increasingly despondent of.

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Healing Songs for Difficult Times

The Witness

In times when those who are in authority refuse to deal with oppression (even within Church), still we rise. As we push back against oppression, it is important for each of us to prioritize our mental health, especially during particularly trying times. We see you. We value you. Most of all, we want to see you flourish.

Here is a list of songs curated by our staff to help you lament, pray, and heal.

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Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness

Jemar Tisby

Southern Baptist leaders have chosen to prop up whiteness.
It is ironic that in their statement, these Southern Baptist seminary presidents claim they are “standing against the tide of theological compromise.”

There is no form of theological compromise that is more American than vigorously opposing those who advocate for racial justice while remaining silent about the racism and whiteness running rampant in the church.

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