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Re-Building Babel: The Danger of Seeking Racial Justice without Seeking God

Jemar Tisby

The opening plenary session of the November 2012 Facing Race conference reveals the danger of seeking racial justice without first seeking God. The opening speaker, Rinku Sen, is the publisher for, “a daily news site where race matters.”  I stumbled across the website and the Facing Race conference they host because I’m interested in what people […]

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What Muted and Sidelined the Presbyterian Voice in Religion and Society?

The Witness

by Dr. Anthony Bradley I’m returning to a question I asked last summer but with a slightly different angle. Last summer, I asked what happened to popular Presbyterianism in a world where the Calvinist resurgence is almost entirely Baptist and non-denominational. In the 1980s and 1990s when I was first introduced to Reformed theology three names dominated […]

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At the Center of My Life: Talking with James Ward on Multicultural Worship Past, Present and Future


Since 2002, Jim Ward has been the Director of Music at New City Fellowship, a Reformed, multicultural congregation in Chattanooga Tennessee. Ward is a highly skilled musician with a love for God, a passion for sound theology, and a great respect for the musical expressions of other cultures. Add to that mix the chops to […]

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We Are Not Kanye

Tony Stone

I recently read my brother Odd Thomas’ blog entitled, “We are a Kanye,” which was written in response to Kanye West’s song, “I am a God.” I applaud Odd Thomas’ astute observation of the pervasiveness of idolatry in our hearts as well as the tendency to see ourselves as much further along than we actually […]

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The Juneteenth of the Soul

Jemar Tisby

Today is Juneteenth.  June 19, 1865 commemorates the day when the Emancipation Proclamation that declared all slaves free was announced to citizens in the state of Texas.  Although the proclamation became official on January 1, 1863, it wasn’t until after the war ended that it had any real effects. Photo Credit: A Day of Freedom […]

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