More Professors Fired for Teaching Calvinism at SBC Colleges

The Witness

Scrolling my timeline this morning and I stumbled across this helpful post by Collin Garbarino over at First Things. Christian colleges and universities have every right to maintain their denominational heritages. I teach at Houston Baptist University, and I am pleased that our school explicitly holds to its Christian mission: Many universities call themselves Christian, but cannot bring […]

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RAAN Meet & Greet: Recap

Jemar Tisby

After five days away from family and a 10 hours of airplanes, layovers, and delays, I’m finally back from the TGC Conference ’13 in Orlando.  I could not have predicted the grace God would show us through RAAN and the blessings with which He would shower us.  I’d like to share a recap of the event […]

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Music The Arts

Rapper’s Delight

Tony Stone

Old Discussion, New Faces There is no way to introduce this blog without sounding a bit monotonous- it is a blog about “Christian Rap”, “Rappers that happen to be Christians” and various positions on “engaging culture”.  We’ve heard all of those phrases before and to some ears it’s lost its freshness.  Nonetheless, the discussion still […]

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