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Pass The Mic: Abandonment And The “Black Church” Tradition


Tyler Burns and Jemar Tisby are joined by special guest Taelor Gray to discuss his recent RAAN Network article entitled “The Sell Out: Abandonment and the Black Church Tradition,” the experiences that led to the article and the broader issues related to the Black Church.

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Mic: Abandonment And The “Black Church” Tradition

  1. Tyler

    Oh wow! Whew…that would take some time. Would love to do that offline though! Find me on Twitter (@Burns23) bro. We’ll chop

  2. Jonathan

    First I’d like to say thank you guys for a great conversation and great insight on this issue. I was however wondering if Tyler at some point will expound on his experience believing in reformed teaching yet faithfully serving and communing in a church that isnt reformed.

  3. Tyshan

    This is wonderful and a little convicting for me ( I have a little racial idolatry in me). I don’t go to a Remormed church but it is very theologically sound. My pastor is a Dallas Theological grad and I think he brings a healthy balance of doctorine and emotional response to a Sunday service. I’m a person who is staying with my church to help it grow especially in the area of discipleship. I have a lot to think and pray about after this.

    I do wonder if we are bring a bad name to the black church as if their aren’t too many churches that preach sound doctorine.

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